Monday, July 16, 2012

UFO Completion Inspiration

You might remember a post two weeks ago when I told you about our 4th of July "organization party" in the Creative Room at the office. Veronica's daughter, an organizer-extraordinaire, helped her refocus her creative energy on efficiency and categorizing her projects, fabrics and notions. (No, she is not for sale, but we may rent her out in the slow season!) With Michelle's help, Veronica also tackled her personal craft room at home and sorted through a variety of UFOs dating back as far as when she first started quilting in February 1990!

We spent a few hours sorting, separating and shuffling several half finished projects and created a list more than 4 pages long for Veronica so that she could focus on finishing them. Her goal is to finish at least a page from the list before she starts anything new.

This past weekend, Veronica chose a project and got to work on it. Her choice ...

In honor of this patriotic month, she chose a red, white and blue log cabin (or wed and boo as her grandson has named it.)

When she found it, most of the strips had been cut and the red centers were sewn to one white strip on 27 of the 56 blocks. Now those 27 blocks are done ... only 29 more blocks to go!!

Are you  working on any UFOs? Have you done any patriotic projects this month? We'd love to hear (and see) what you are working on. Drop us a note on our Facebook page or send us an email at

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