Meet Veronica Cox

Veronica Cox is the owner of Bear Thread Designs, Inc. She has traveled extensively, teaching fusible applique using The Applique Pressing Sheet.

She learned to sew at the age of 4 at the feet of her beloved grandmother. Veronica's first project was to sew a button, and after she mastered that, her skills grew. Her first experience with a sewing machine resulted in Veronica sewing her finger. She switched to sewing fabric, and she enjoyed creating clothing for herself and later clothing for her two young children.

As a young adult, her creative endevours expanded from sewing, to crochet, embroidery, ceramic and stained glass arts. Years later she took up quilting as a way to connect with her soon-to-be mother-in-law and fell in love with the freedom it gave her to create unique pieces of art even when using the same pattern. Eventually, the life came full circle as one of Veronica's first quilts was for her grandmother.

For Veronica the memories of her grandmother curling up with her two children in that quilt and reading or playing became treasured memories that continue to surface as she helps other quilters create treasured heirlooms for their families.

She has demonstrated the technique at quilt shows, quilt shops, cruises, quilt guild meetings and on television. Veronica has taught many classes and workshops. She also does trunk shows on stage and loves to pass her 70+ quilts around in the audience. Veronica is also a Certified Quiltsmart Instructor.

While Veronica may be the face and voice of Bear Thread Designs, she acknowledges that its is her family that keeps things going and not just inspirational. Her husband, Kevin is the brains of the operation as he runs the office, overseeing management of the company, "does the math" when it comes to the financial areas and attempts on most days to keep Veronica from buying more than she sells when she's at show, all while running the every day working of their Texas ranch! Their son Mark and his wife, run the Shipping and Distribution Department, while daughter Michelle manages the Marketing and Education Department and assists with scheduling. The grandchildren oversee "quaility control" as they nap in quilts, unfold and scatter as much fabric as possible and stack empty fabric bolts into elaborate buildings!


  1. Love Bear Thread Designs!
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    1. Traci, you keep us in "stitches" and we couldn't imagine a world where you weren't making us laugh until our sides hurt!!

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