Friday, June 29, 2012

Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press

Happy Friday Bear Thread Designs friends! I hope you have lots of fun plans for this pre-4th of July weekend. If not, why not try a project using the Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press TM!?!
Much like it's predecessors, The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and the Grip-n-Press TM, the Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press TM, is a non-stick craft sheet. It's top is made of the same non-stick material as The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, however, it has an adhesive bottom so that you can permanently stick it to your full-sized or travel ironing board! You'll never misplace your craft sheet again!
You can use the Stick-n-Press TM for a variety of projects ... from fusible web, to clay arts, painting, and more!  However, because of the adhesive base it cannot be used as a baking sheet.

Here you see the tan Stick-n-Press TM attached to Veronica's travel ironing board (below the Grip-n-Press TM.) The Stick-n-Press was Kevin's solution to Veronica's problem of misplacing her Applique Pressing Sheet TM or Grip-n-Press TM when demonstrating at shows or working on projects in the hotel room. Now she only has to keep up with the top Applique Pressing Sheet TM when its needed! 

The non-stick surface of the Stick-n-Press TM keeps fusible, glue and other such craft adhesives from sticking. In fact, with the right care, nothing will stick the the Stick-n-Press TM. Shown above, the Stick-n-Press TM was used as a palaette by Michelle for another one of her painting projects and after letting the paint dry complete, she just peeled the paint up in one solid piece. After wiping it down with a damp towel and letting it dry, it was ready for another creative activity!

Veronica uses the Stick-n-Press TM to keep her iron and ironing board clean when she is working on fusible projects. She "sandwiches" the fabric and fusible between The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and the Stick-n-Press TM to keep excess fusible from transfering to her iron or ironing board. 

The Stick-n-Press TM comes in the standard 12.5"x 20" size, but serious crafters can special order any size they need by calling, Bear Thread Designs at (281) 462-0661 or emailing

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You did WHAT with the Applique Pressing Sheet!?!

I think this is going to be one of my favorite regular posts! We love to hear what creative projects The Applique Pressing Sheet TM owners have done. Or even the Grip-n-Press, Grip-n-Grip, and Stick-n-Press. Tell us what you've used yours for and send us a photo and you can be featured on our "You did WHAT with the Applique Pressing Sheet?" segment!!

Veronica's daughter, Michelle, loves to cook and has The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and Grip-n-Press for the kitchen for cooling things. Recently, she tried her hand at chocolate covered strawberries. She was a little worried about the chocolate sticking to the plate she was going to harden them on in the refrigerator, so she pulled out The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and soon had a yummy treat without a sticky mess to clean up.

She said she didn't make a lot since it was an experiment, but I think she just didn't want to share ... or ate them all before she got around to taking photos ... yeah, I think it was the second reason!

Doesn't that look yummy!?! And all she had to do was wash The Applique Pressing Sheet TM in warm soapy water and let dry in her dish rack. Quick clean-up means she was back to eating her sweet treat in no time!

Send your photos and stories to and tell us how creative you are!

Happy crafting!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Freebie Friday: America Sews Creatively #801

Are you a fan of freebies? We are! Its so great to find a fun new project that is "print and play" meaning all you do is print, then you are ready to play in your sewing or quilting room! On select Fridays, we will post a freebie project for you to enjoy. It won't be every Friday, so keep checking back to see if its a lucky week!

Today, for those of you who are fans of Sue Hausmann and America Quilts Creatively, this is a is a project Veronica did when she was a guest on the show, Episode 801.

Here is the directions and pattern from America Quilts Creatively ...

So, what do you think about our "Fairy Fabrics"? This is part of Quilting Treasures' Tone-on-Tone Collection. This was a fun fabric choice for us! Look for an upcoming project using their brickwork, stonework and woodwork fabrics.

When you've finished your project, email us photos and a little bit about the project and you might be our "Guest Quilter" with your project posted on our blog! Have fun!

Happy fusing!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

View From Our Valuable Vender Vault:
Sew Wonderful Dreams

For years, Veronica and Bear Thread Designs, Inc. have traveled the United States going to trade shows, expos, guilds and festivals, and one thing she's enjoyed from these experiences is meeting new friends and valuable vendors who keep her inspired and creatively challenged. On the 21st of each month we'll tell you about one of these amazing artists and let you get a peek at some of our favorite vendors!

This month's inagural vendor is Connie Spurlock at Sew Wonderful Dreams! Though Connie and Veronica had met a few years before, it wasn't until 2001 that the two companies, Bear Thread Designs and Sew Wonderful Dreams, started to work together to provide quilters and other crafters with amazing projects.

It was 25 years or so go that Connie created her first pattern. Her aunt, Elaine Thompson, a designer, writer and book publisher asked her to create some Santa patterns for a book she was publishing. The book was published with one of Connie's Santa's on the cover. The book sold 15,000 copies in the first six weeks, and soon inquiries began to arrive.

"It has been almost 25 years ago that we struggled through our first pattern and we now have over 250 that we have added and/or deleted over the years," says Connie.

Connie gives a large portion of her early success to her Aunt Elaine and the Santa book. It was Elaine who even came up with the name Sew Wonderful Dreams. In 1990 Connie took Sew Wonderful Dreams to their first Quilting and Craft Show.

Connie, and her husband Sonny, participate in more than 20 quilt/sewing shows a year.

She credits much of her success (and sanity) to her family and friends' support.

"(To say) that my family has been not only supportive but also very 'hands-on helpful' would be a grand understatement," Connie says. "My friend, Teri Chandler, who traveled with me, kept things in order and had a huge hand in our pattern design all those years has been more than a blessing in so many ways."

Sew Wonderful Dreams has a variety of projects to choose from. Jackets, fusible applique, paper piecing and kids stuff - there is a lot to choose from for any type of crafter.

Sew Wonderful Dreams Studio is located in the panhandle of Idaho, surrounded by gorgeous lakes and mountains. They're 30 minutes to Washington, 60 minutes to Montana, and 90 minutes to Canada. For more information visit them at their website.

Happy quilting ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out & About: Join Us at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival

Once again Veronica is packing her bags and heading to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival to teach a variety of classes and interact with quilters at the Bear Thread Designs booth! Have you been to a previous year's festival? Have you take classes from Veronica there? You don't want to miss this event!

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival returns to Loveland Colorado, August 17 - 19.

The festival showcases antique, traditional and contemporary quilts, dolls, clothing items,
and other needle art incorporating a wide array of techniques - more than 600 Quilt Art pieces will be on display! Time to put on your comfy shoes!

More than 75 vendors have already signed up and more are anticipated, so roll your pennies - or clean out the saving account - because it's Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival time!

Everyone who attended last year and left saying, "I wish I'd signed up for a class" is already signing up, so don't delay. Go to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival website to sign-up for your classes!

Along with Veronica, there will be 12 other teachers, with more than 15 classes a day over the 3-days of festival! Wow!

Are you wonder what Veronica will be teaching? Take a look!

Friday, August 17, 2012, 9am-11am
Backdoor Bear
Hands on workshop using sewing machines: Make this wonderful little bear using The Applique Pressing Sheet fusible web and Hoffman batik fabrics. $35 class fee. $30 kit fee. (kit fee paid to instructor at beginning of class)

Saturday, August 18, 2012, 9am-12pm
5 Golden Sunflowers
Hands on workshop using sewing machines: Use the Applique Pressing Sheet light fusible web and Hoffman batiks for this adorable wallhanging.
$35 class fee. $30 kit fee. (kit fee paid to instructor at beginning of class)

Saturday, August 18, 2012, 3:15pm-4:15pm
Sunday, August 19, 2012, 3:15pm-4:15pm
Take A Walk on the Wild Side
A trunk show that has tons of quilts using raw esge applique. Learn all the tricks and tips for great results on your own quilts. Learn which products to use and why.
$10 class fee.

Sunday, August 19, 2012, 9am-12pm
Hand Applique
Hands on class
Instructors: Nancie Roach & Veronica Cox, Bear Thread Designs
Let Nancie teach you the basics of hand applique while creating a patch of posies. Learn all of her tricks for a truly wonderful wall hanging.
$35 class fee. $30 kit fee. (kit fee paid to instructor at beginning of class)

Shopping hours: Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm • Sunday 10am-4pm

For those who visit the Bear Thread Designs, Inc. booth at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival and say you visited our blog, "Just the Bear Facts!!" you will get a free applique pattern book - no purchase necessary!!

See you there ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bear Thread Designs' Sew Clean

The best part about creating quilts is seeing your loved ones gain comfort from them. Whether it is seeing your children snuggled under their special quilt as they go to sleep, your dear husband wrap himself in one as he prepares for a football game on a chilly afternoon, or it serves as a canvas for a family picnic, memories made with your treasured heirlooms are priceless. As an artist, there may also be some masterpieces that you want to protect and cherish as if they were pieces from the Smithsonian.
However, life happens and sometimes those precious treasures sometimes get a little dirty. Don't be scared to tackle the cleaning. From projects cherished by little hands, to artistic creations on display far from sticky fingers, Bear Thread Designs, Inc.'s Sew Clean can help!

You can use Sew Clean in your crafting area and around the house. It cleans glass, ceramic tile, plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic counter tops, vinyl wall coverings, carpet fiberglass and much more. It also removes adhesive gums. Sew Clean also removes ball point pen ink, pencil and crayon marks, lipstick and make-up, fingerprints, blood, grass stains, oil and grease, rust stains, coffee and soft drinks, chewing gum, and a lot more quilts and clothing!

Recently, Veronica's grandson decided to undertake the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones … only his Holy Grail was the kitchen garbage can! This Temple of Doom was topped off with the remnants of a black bean soup that did not mix well with his little white polo shirt!

Grammie to the rescue as usual, had dropped off some Sew Clean for his mommy a few weeks earlier and she set out to tackle the seemingly impossible job of restoring his white shirt. Michelle sprayed the shirt with Sew Clean, bundled it up to soak for a few minutes and with a prayer that upcoming school pictures would not be ruined, tossed it in the washing machine.

After the first wash, his shirt was restored to nearly perfect condition … (nearly, because let’s face it even a shirt vacuum sealed is going to see a little wear and tear when paired with a toddler boy!) The next day, a pair of white socks that had been witness to his puddle jumping received the same treatment with the same success!

(Shirt Before Sew Clean)

(Shirt After Sew Clean)

Even dried blood is no match for this all-natural product. It can be used to clean carpets and is safe around children and pets.

Sew Clean comes in a 16 oz. bottle with spray nozzle. To order Sew Clean, visit Bear Thread Designs website.

Happy cleaning!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads in the Quilt-iverse

One of my favorite quotes about fathers, or step-fathers, is by actor Sidney Poitier. He said ...

"I decided in my life that I would do nothing that

did not reflect positively on my father's life."

It is a reminder that in everything we do, we are not alone. What are some of the lessons you learned from your dad or step-dad that helped you become the person you are today?

The Bear Thread Designs, Inc. family would like to wish you a

Happy Father's Day!

May your day be filled with many memory making events.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jaggie Says: "If You Quilt It, They Will Come!"

"If You Quilt It, They Will Come!" If only life were a Kevin Coster movie ... I'm not sure I want to live in a "WaterWorld" but I wouldn't mind if I were a "Bodyguard!" (I'm all muscle, not fluff!)

With that thought in mind, I sat down with Veronica over a meal of nuts & berries (muscle food), and we talked about what things we wanted to have on the "Just the Bear Facts" blog and what our vision was for this site. We came up with ideas such as regular posts about vendors we work with, artist we love, and a little bit of fun with "Holiday Happenings!".

But this is an interactive site, so we want to know ... "What would you like to see?"
  • Would you like to see us do step-by-steps projects?
  • Would you like us to profile new patterns and projects?
  • What kinds of contests or polls would you participate in?
We hope that you will be active participants as we take off running with our new blog. The staff of Bear Thread Designs, Inc. is very excited about this new adventure and can't wait to meet all of our fans through the blog and new Facebook page!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Upcoming Class: Fabric Carousel, Huntsville, Texas

Are you going to be in the Huntsville, Texas area June 30? Well, if you are, sign up for the Raw Edge with Fusible Applique class Veronica is teaching at the Fabric Carousel. Learn how to create a quilt using fusible web and The Applique Pressing Sheet.

The class will be June 30 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the shop located at 1101 12th Street in Huntsville. At the end of the class you will have completed one block of your choice from either Bella Garden or Back on the Farm, by McKenna Ryan of Pine Needles. No sewing is required for the class.

The class is $30 and there are 15 spots available, but RSVP soon, the seats are filling up fast! Contact owner Doris Collins or one of the Fabric Carousel staff to sign up and to get the supply list.
Fabric Carousel
1101 12th St, Huntsville, TX   
(936) 295-8322

Come out and see us there!

Hello Facebook, It's Jaggie & Bear Thread Designs!

Hello Bear Thread Designs friends! Jaggie the Bear here, and I have some great news. After a little pleading and a lot of cajoling, Veronica has allowed me to open up a Facebook page for Bear Thread Designs! She was concerned that I would be chatting with all my new friends and not getting any work done, but I assured her I would still keep up with my other duties!

I am so excited about the possibilities to meet so many of the Bear Thread Designs friends and fans! It's like having all the social fun of the quilt shows on my computer!

You'll see when you visit our Facebook page that we have linked to posts this blog, as well as to some of our friends like Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, Pat Sloan, McKenna Ryan and The Quilt Room. We look forward to a variety of interactive activities in the future where we can meet and share stories! We've had some friends able to see our page as we got it set up, but now we are open to the Quilt-iverse!! And we're hoping YOU will be our new friend.

I look forward chatting with you, seeing your quilting and craft photos, and more!

Happy crafting my friend,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bear Thread Designs' Grip-N-Press

Applique Pressing Sheet TM fans, have you tried The Grip-n-Press TM by Bear Thread Designs? After the success of The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, Bear Thread Designs' was looking for new ways to use the craft sheet and the Grip-n-Press TM was born out of that expansion.

The Grip-n-Press TM is a silver and black craft sheet. The silver side, or top, is made of the same non-stick material as The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, however, the black side, or bottom is made of a rubber-like substance ... or "grip-ee" as Veronica likes to call it!

Using the Grip-n-Press TM is like the Applique Pressing Sheet TM in many ways, however you cannot see through it. Another exception is that it is designed to be uses as a "bottom sheet" meaning that the black base stays on your work surface and the top side is used for your craft project ... from fusible web, to clay arts, painting, and more!  Remember though, the rubber-like base prevents it from being used as a baking sheet.

Since the top is The Applique Pressing Sheet TM material, it has a non-stick top, so even when fusible web is ironed directly onto the sheet (see below), it easily comes up (just be sure to let it cool before touching!)

In fact, with the right care, nothing will stick the the Grip-n-Press TM. Shown here, the Grip-n-Press TM was used as a palaette by Veronica's daughter, Michelle for a touch-up on a Father's Day gift and after letting the paint dry complete, she just peeled the paint up in one solid piece. After wiping it down with a damp towel and letting it dry, it was ready for another creative endeavor!

The original Grip-n-Press TM was brown and orange (top sheet seen below), but the newer ones are black and silver. The color change was made to help with contrast when working on projects. Michelle, still uses her brown and orange Grip-n-Press TM because she says, "It's like an old friend ~ you don't trade it in because something newer or prettier comes along. We've been through a lot of things together!"

The Grip-n-Press comes in standard the 12.5"x17" size, but serious crafters can special order any size they need by calling, Bear Thread Designs at (281) 462-0661 or emailing

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shop of the Month: The Quilt Room, Huffman, Tx

Welcome to our first Shop of the Month post! We are very excited about this monthly post which will be on the 11th of each month.

For our very first shop, Veronica chose a favorite in her own backyard, The Quilt Room, in Huffman, Texas! (Just outside of Houston.)

"This is the friendliest quilt shop I've ever visited," Veronica explained when we were choosing this month's feature. "They are so helpful, very cheerful, and there are as many smiles as there are fabrics!'
Recently, we caught up with the owner, Julie Arney and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and The Quilt Room. This is what she had to say:

I was born in Fredonia, Kansas, the heartland of America and it was there, with the help of my loving, patient grandmother that my love of sewing and making things was instilled. My mom taught me how to sew when I was five and that skill has stuck with me ever since. As a child we moved frequently as a result of my dad’s job.

Eventually we landed on the north side of Houston. During my high school years I met my soon to be husband through my sister, who at the time was dating his brother. They too are married now. My husband and I are the proud parents of two grown children, both are married and we have been blessed with three grand children.

The seed of creating and managing a small business was sown in my heart and mind as a young woman. Over the years of working in business, and with people in general, this seed started to take root. About this time my good friend Claudia Neimeyer shared with me her dream of opening a quilt shop. She asked me to pray about me taking part in her dream. With much prayer and consultation I agreed and we took off and never looked back. When we came up with the name, “The Quilt Room”, my daughter said “Wow, I bet that took you guys a long time to come up with”. Oh well, we liked it!

We opened the doors in August 2006. The space was small but was adequate for our budget. As the business grew, it did not take long before we outgrew that space and in August of 2009 we moved in to our present location. With the Lord’s help and the support of our customers an even bigger location is in the future plans for the “The Quilt Room”.

In April of 2011 Claudia retired but God has buffered the new challenges with the help of new and old friends. I still have a partner but he is my “Silent Partner”. He has always been in the background to help with building of the shelves, the construction of the classroom and workroom at our new location and any thing else that is needed.

Veronica has taught about a dozen classes at The Quilt Room, ranging from fusible applique to miniatures.

"I had such a blast teaching there!" she adds. "The classes are so much fun, and you meet so many great new friends!"

Veronica hopes that there will be more opportunities to teach there in the future.

The Quilt Room is located at 11515 FM 1960 East, Suite B, Huffman, Texas.

(photos courtesy The Quilt Room)

Upcoming June & July events include:
    Hand Applique!: Today, June 18, 25
  • Machine Applique: June 12
  • Stars in my Laundry Basket: June 13, July 11
  • Beginning Quilting (5 week class): June 14, 21, July 5, 12, 19
  • Fat Saturday Club: June 16
  • Sit N Sew: June 19
  • Glacier Star (7 part series): June 21, July 14, 19
  • Mystery Quilt: June 23
  • Judy Neimeyer Sit & Sew: June 25
  • On the Go Totes: June 26
  • Color & Design (13 month workshop): June 28, July 26
For more information on the The Quilt Room, visit their website at or call (281) 324-9018.

Take time to visit next time you're in the area and tell them we sent you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out & About: Abilene Revisited

It's me, Jaggie! I am so excited to share photos from the Stars Over Abilene Quilt Show this past weekend in Abilene, Texas! First of all, Abilene is beautiful ...

Have you visited "Frontier Texas!"? It is a museum that brings the Old West to life! It offers the big picture of the Texas frontier between 1780 to 1880 and one of the few in the country with life-sized holographic figures! I really wanted to don a cowboy hat and ride a horse, but we had a quilt show to get to!

We had a lot of fun this weekend meeting the Abilene residents and visitors who came through the Bear Thread Designs, Inc. booth. Were you one of them? Did you see Nancie demoing the Applique Pressing Sheet TM!

Here are some photos from our weekend adventures!

The Bear Thread Designs, Inc. booth was quite colorful at the Stars Over Abilene Quilt Show. With samples and patterns from Bigfork Bay Cotton Co., O'Carol, Bee Creative Studio, Bear Paw Productions, and Pine Needles  the booth was nearly classified as a natural habitat because of all the flowers, trees, wildlife and other animals!

A crowd gathered around Nancie as she demonstrated the Applique Pressing Sheet TM in the Bear Thread Designs booth.

HeeHee! This pattern, Pine Needles' Home Tweet Home, was what Nancie was using to demonstrate the Applique Pressing Sheet TM but while she and Veronica were sleeping I put them together like this! What do you think? 
My favorite part of fusible web applique is that you can get as creative as you want and make it uniquely yours!!

Starting at the Abilene Show, Bear Thread Designs is is now carrying one-yard, pre-cut Hoffman Bali Batiks fabric pieces. What a treat!! Did you see the selection?
This visitor shows that quilting is not just for ladies. He went home with quite a collection, but don't worry, we have lots more!

A Texas-sized thank you to Abilene, Texas for making us feel so welcome! Next time we go through, we definitely want to visit the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature and the Abilene Zoo!

Until then, happy stitching!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Applique Pressing Sheet

"Oh, is this the sheet my friend was telling me about?" ... "Oh, I saw this at my quilt shop!" ... "I saw this on (name of favorite quilt show)!"

It never ceases to amaze us where people have heard about The Applique Pressing Sheet TM by 
Bear Thread Designs, Inc. when we are out and about at shows and expos. Veronica collects these stories like baseball cards or tea cups! If you haven't heard about The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, let me explain ...

The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, was created in 1986, launching Bear Thread Designs, into the quilting industry and beyond as its popularity grew.

This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon TM. This release-all sheet is guaranteed for 5 years and includes instructions for its multi-uses as well as provides a free appliqué pattern so you can get started on the fun of fusible applique.

The transparent construction of The Applique Pressing Sheet TM allows you to see your pattern through the sheet to use as a placement guide while you fuse your overlapping design together into one unit. Fusible web fabrics such as Lite Steam-A-Seam, PrintNFuse, Wonder Under, and Heat-n-Bond peel right off.

The original Applique Pressing Sheet TM was a 13"x17" size, but as Bear Thread Designs started working with more and more artists, we discovered a desire for larger sheets, and so the 18"x20" and 27"x30" sized sheets were introduced.

The Applique Pressing Sheet TM can be used for so much more than just fusible applique though ... you can use it as a:
  • CRAFT SHEET & PAINTING SURFACE -- The Applique Pressing Sheet TM is a great crafting surface. This non-stick surface is great for hot glue guns, glue melts, wax designs, stiffening fabric, glue projects, rubber stamps, and embossing. It also works great for kids' crafts, serves as a base for Play-Doh time and as a paint pallet. Paint and glue peels off when dry. Clean up is a breeze.
  • IRONING BOARD PROTECTOR -- Use The Applique Pressing Sheet TM on top of your ironing board to protect its surface from fusible web fabrics, iron-on interfacing and the print from paper piecing patterns.
  • BAKING SHEET -- You may also use the sheet in the oven to bake shrink-art, clay projects and salt dough ornaments.
Recently at a show, Veronica was in a bind for dinner. She had purchased some groceries to prepare meals in her room and didn't realize there was no baking sheet when she'd got a pizza. In a moment that would have made MacGyver proud, she pulled out an extra Applique Pressing Sheet and baked the pizza. She still says, "That was the crispiest crust ever!" I guess necessity really is the mother of invention!

The uses for The Applique Pressing Sheet TM are limited only by your imagination! Check back next week to learn about another Bear Thread Designs product ... The Grip-N-Press!!

So go get one and let me know what projects you do!

Bear Thread Designs has also created a Demo DVD,  with step-by-step instructions on using the Applique Pressing Sheet TM for fusible web. Visit the Bear Thread Designs, Inc. website or contact  your local quilt shop to place your to order.

Friday, June 1, 2012

BTD Out & About: Stars Over Abilene

It's me, Jaggie the Bear! I want to invite you to visit Veronica Cox at the Bear Thread Designs booth today and Saturday at the 18th Annual Stars Over Abilene Regional Quilt Show, hosted by

The show features more than 100 quilt displays, vendors, a Hoffman Challenge, classes, demonstrations, a raffle quilt benefiting the Food Bank of West Central Texas and door prizes. That sounds like so much fun!!

The Quilt Show will be held at the Abilene Civic Center, located at 1100 North 6th Street, Abilene, Texas. The show will be open today from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors over 65 and free for children ages 12 & younger. A two-day pass is $8. If you don't see me in the booth, I'm probably on an adventure exploring the quilt show ~ they say everything is bigger in Texas!!

If you visit the Bear Thread Designs booth (located in the corner closest to the men's restroom) and mention you saw the Just Bear Facts blog, you will receive a free Memory Pillow Book, no purchase necessary!! Tell them Jaggie sent you!!

Happy stitching!!

Bear Thread Designs Gets Creative!!

Welcome to the new blog, Just the Bear Facts, by Bear Thread Designs Inc.

Bear Thread Designs was founded in 1986 with the creation of the Applique Pressing Sheet, and its popularity in the quilting industry has been the catalyst to Bear Thread Designs creation of additional craft products which have cemented the company in the Quilting Industry.

Veronica Cox, owner and instructor, learned to sew at the age of 4 at the feet of her beloved grandmother. Her first project was to sew a button, and after she mastered that, her skills grew. Her first experience with a sewing machine resulted in Veronica sewing her finger. She switched to sewing fabric, and she enjoyed creating clothing for herself and later clothing for her two young children.

As a young adult, her creative endevours expanded from sewing, to crochet, embroidery, ceramic and stained glass arts. Years later she took up quilting as a way to connect with her soon-to-be mother-in-law and fell in love with the freedom it gave her to create unique pieces of art even when using the same pattern. Eventually, the life came full circle as one of Veronica's first quilts was for her grandmother.

For Veronica the memories of her grandmother curling up with her two children in that quilt and reading or playing became treasured memories that continue to surface as she helps other quilters create treasured heirlooms for their families.

Today, Veronica is moving faster than the days of chasing toddlers, as she travels, teaching fusible applique classes, participates in quilting and sewing shows and expos and serves as guest speaker for programs, quilt guilds and other organizations.

Keep visiting our blog to learn about upcoming events where you can meet Veronica and visit the Bear thread Designs booth at an event near you!

Happy fusing!!