Thursday, June 21, 2012

View From Our Valuable Vender Vault:
Sew Wonderful Dreams

For years, Veronica and Bear Thread Designs, Inc. have traveled the United States going to trade shows, expos, guilds and festivals, and one thing she's enjoyed from these experiences is meeting new friends and valuable vendors who keep her inspired and creatively challenged. On the 21st of each month we'll tell you about one of these amazing artists and let you get a peek at some of our favorite vendors!

This month's inagural vendor is Connie Spurlock at Sew Wonderful Dreams! Though Connie and Veronica had met a few years before, it wasn't until 2001 that the two companies, Bear Thread Designs and Sew Wonderful Dreams, started to work together to provide quilters and other crafters with amazing projects.

It was 25 years or so go that Connie created her first pattern. Her aunt, Elaine Thompson, a designer, writer and book publisher asked her to create some Santa patterns for a book she was publishing. The book was published with one of Connie's Santa's on the cover. The book sold 15,000 copies in the first six weeks, and soon inquiries began to arrive.

"It has been almost 25 years ago that we struggled through our first pattern and we now have over 250 that we have added and/or deleted over the years," says Connie.

Connie gives a large portion of her early success to her Aunt Elaine and the Santa book. It was Elaine who even came up with the name Sew Wonderful Dreams. In 1990 Connie took Sew Wonderful Dreams to their first Quilting and Craft Show.

Connie, and her husband Sonny, participate in more than 20 quilt/sewing shows a year.

She credits much of her success (and sanity) to her family and friends' support.

"(To say) that my family has been not only supportive but also very 'hands-on helpful' would be a grand understatement," Connie says. "My friend, Teri Chandler, who traveled with me, kept things in order and had a huge hand in our pattern design all those years has been more than a blessing in so many ways."

Sew Wonderful Dreams has a variety of projects to choose from. Jackets, fusible applique, paper piecing and kids stuff - there is a lot to choose from for any type of crafter.

Sew Wonderful Dreams Studio is located in the panhandle of Idaho, surrounded by gorgeous lakes and mountains. They're 30 minutes to Washington, 60 minutes to Montana, and 90 minutes to Canada. For more information visit them at their website.

Happy quilting ...

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