Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bear Thread Designs' Grip-N-Press

Applique Pressing Sheet TM fans, have you tried The Grip-n-Press TM by Bear Thread Designs? After the success of The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, Bear Thread Designs' was looking for new ways to use the craft sheet and the Grip-n-Press TM was born out of that expansion.

The Grip-n-Press TM is a silver and black craft sheet. The silver side, or top, is made of the same non-stick material as The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, however, the black side, or bottom is made of a rubber-like substance ... or "grip-ee" as Veronica likes to call it!

Using the Grip-n-Press TM is like the Applique Pressing Sheet TM in many ways, however you cannot see through it. Another exception is that it is designed to be uses as a "bottom sheet" meaning that the black base stays on your work surface and the top side is used for your craft project ... from fusible web, to clay arts, painting, and more!  Remember though, the rubber-like base prevents it from being used as a baking sheet.

Since the top is The Applique Pressing Sheet TM material, it has a non-stick top, so even when fusible web is ironed directly onto the sheet (see below), it easily comes up (just be sure to let it cool before touching!)

In fact, with the right care, nothing will stick the the Grip-n-Press TM. Shown here, the Grip-n-Press TM was used as a palaette by Veronica's daughter, Michelle for a touch-up on a Father's Day gift and after letting the paint dry complete, she just peeled the paint up in one solid piece. After wiping it down with a damp towel and letting it dry, it was ready for another creative endeavor!

The original Grip-n-Press TM was brown and orange (top sheet seen below), but the newer ones are black and silver. The color change was made to help with contrast when working on projects. Michelle, still uses her brown and orange Grip-n-Press TM because she says, "It's like an old friend ~ you don't trade it in because something newer or prettier comes along. We've been through a lot of things together!"

The Grip-n-Press comes in standard the 12.5"x17" size, but serious crafters can special order any size they need by calling, Bear Thread Designs at (281) 462-0661 or emailing

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