Friday, March 29, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Jamaica

Jamaica was fun, fun, fun.  I went to the beach and just hung out in the sun with Scott and Aaron.  I told you, he loved me.  Oh, yeah, Veronica and Kevin were there as well.  Veronica picked up some pretty great looking shells.  I took some more great pictures.  Jamaica was our last day on the islands, the next day we went back to classes.

Veronica had a total of 9 classes, 7 hands on and 2 lectures.  Do you know how many suitcases she took?  15, yes, I said 15.  She had tons of kits, she was cutting fabric for 3 weeks before we left.  I'm so glad she came back with half as many suitcases as she took.  She only had a few kits left and those were given away in a drawing to cruisers who left comments on our blog and Facebook page.  We're going to start doing more give-a-ways in the next few months.  Just leave a comment about one of our blogs or Like us on our Facebook page.

Here I am with Judy, she's checking students in and giving them their class schedule.

Here  I am with Kaye Wood and Veronica. This is going to be great!! 

Check out the vintage car.  I found it while I was out and about the ship.  I like it.  Maybe one day I'll learn to drive.

Here I am at the pool.  If I back in, I won't see how deep it is. 

 These were really cool jazz musicians, I thought I might jam with them.

 My adventures are over.  What a great week I had.  We'll be cruising again really soon.  I hope ya'll will cruise with us next time.  Remember to check back for more adventures, but before I go I want to thank Quilting Treasures for all of the great fabrics they gave us for our cruise.

Stay tuned for info on our T-shirt giveaway and another on a pattern pack.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Cozumel

Ok, let's talk about Cozumel.  It was very bright and sunny.  I tried to navigate a sailboat, but I was too busy checking out the chicks, I had a little booboo. No, no, I'm fine.  Good thing I'm fluffy.  I tried to get the Captain to let me navigate the ship, but he said he saw me in my earlier attempt and wasn't crazy about me getting into his Captain's chair.  Oh, well, I had better luck wrestling the iguana.  I think I won, he never moved.  I think he was really scared of me!
Ok, so I had to check out the vino.  Could that have contributed to my accident in the boat earlier?  I really only sniffed the bottle, it was too big to pick up. 
What the heck is on my head?  Where am I?  Oh, yeah, I was with "the guys" today. 
I got to go eat in the dining room at formal night.  We had great table mates, we even had a couple of ladies from Cananda.  We had lobster and shrimp cocktail.  And the desserts were to die for.  Check out my bowtie.  Am I a handsome devil or what? 
So we got back to our room after dinner and this guy was hanging out.  He thought he was pretty hot stuff with my sunglasses on.  I set him straight.  There is only one handsome dude in this room! 

Check back tomorrow for my Jamaican day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Cayman Islands

Wow, what a great cruise!!!  I'm exhausted!!!  I've been out roaming the roads, the open seas, hopping on planes and overall just hitting all the great spots in quiltland.  Here are some pictures of me and a couple of cruisers.  I was beat after all those classes, but boy was it ever fun.  Ya'll should go on the next cruise with us.  We'll let you know as soon as we know where we're going. 

Check out the picture with the police officer in Cayman.  He was so great, he didn't even arrest Veronica when she asked him to pose with us.  His name is Miguel and we're going to e-mail him so he can check out our blog.  I'll bet he's going to be a regular visitor.  
We've got a few kits left over from our cruise and we've picked  several cruisers to receive them.  Look for their names soon.  
We had so much fun with Scott and Aaron from Citrus Sew and Vac in Ocala, Florida.  Aaron was our photographer.  He loved me and followed me around taking pictures, my very own paparazzi!  What a lucky bear I am.  

Check out more pictures from my Cayman adventures below ...


Who's scared of the big bad pirates? Not me, I found two, but neither had any gold. We'll have to go on another hunt next time to see if there is treasure. Want to join me, Matey?

Hanging out just waiting for the girls.  Am I handsome or what?

Check out my new hairdo.  I always wanted black hair like Veronica's.  Do you think we look alike?