Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Cozumel

Ok, let's talk about Cozumel.  It was very bright and sunny.  I tried to navigate a sailboat, but I was too busy checking out the chicks, I had a little booboo. No, no, I'm fine.  Good thing I'm fluffy.  I tried to get the Captain to let me navigate the ship, but he said he saw me in my earlier attempt and wasn't crazy about me getting into his Captain's chair.  Oh, well, I had better luck wrestling the iguana.  I think I won, he never moved.  I think he was really scared of me!
Ok, so I had to check out the vino.  Could that have contributed to my accident in the boat earlier?  I really only sniffed the bottle, it was too big to pick up. 
What the heck is on my head?  Where am I?  Oh, yeah, I was with "the guys" today. 
I got to go eat in the dining room at formal night.  We had great table mates, we even had a couple of ladies from Cananda.  We had lobster and shrimp cocktail.  And the desserts were to die for.  Check out my bowtie.  Am I a handsome devil or what? 
So we got back to our room after dinner and this guy was hanging out.  He thought he was pretty hot stuff with my sunglasses on.  I set him straight.  There is only one handsome dude in this room! 

Check back tomorrow for my Jamaican day.

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