Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sample making

Well, this may not be a subject that everyone is interested in, but I thought for those of you that are, I would sprinkle in a little advice.  Do you ever wonder where all the samples at your local quilt shop come from?  Sometimes the employees make them, sometimes customers make them.  Different shops have different formulas for calculating how you"get paid" for the samples. 

Some stores have you pay half of the cost, some give you the fabric and pattern, you make the quilt and after a certain amount of time, the sample is yours.  Sometimes the stores pay you to make them and the samples are theirs. 

Well, I've been making samples for local shops for years, probably 20 years or so.  I've never had a problem, I usually get the quilts after about 3 months, they like to rotate every quarter or so.  I agreed to make 6 quilts for a local shop that I had not made samples before, so I asked how long they would keep them.  I was told about 6 months or so.  That was fine, I was in no hurry to get them.  I guess I should have gotten that in writing. 

I delivered the quilts to them June 1, 2017.  Every time I asked for my "quilts", I was told I couldn't have them 'yet'. So yesterday was September 11, 2018, I thought it's been long enough, it's been 1 year, 3 months and 11 days.  I wanted my quilts, so I called and said we were coming to get them.  My daughter fell in love with 2 and so those were hers.  On the way out, my daughter was stopped and told that the quilts she had were not what me and the "person in charge had agreed on" me taking home. Apparently, we were only going to get half.  Huh?  Nope, too late! 

I will not name the shop or the "person in charge" who by the way is no the owner of the shop.  Not really sure what her position is, she acts like the person in charge, but I don't really think she is.  I will never make samples for this shop again.  I will get everything in writing from now on, I used to just believe that a persons word was their "word:. 

I've learned my lesson.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Look in "The Box"

Where has the time gone?  Oh, yes, we've been busy quilting away.  Trying to empty "The Box". Well, let me tell you about "The Box".  It's just an ordinary white box that says UFO'S 1990's.  At first, I thought it was from outer space, but then Veronica explained that it was a box of unfinished objects.  So why isn't it called UO?  Right?  Even this bear knows that unfinished is one word.  Silly humans.  So, anyway, in this box there were lots of unfinished quilt projects.

Veronica pulled out something she called a watercolor quilt.  Looked like a bunch of squares to me.  She said it was a bunch of squares but when she finished it, it was a really cute wreath quilt.  She said it's a little more yellow than she wanted, but she's happy that it's done.  Well, at least the top is done.

She also found some quilts partially completed from a week of classes with Trudie Hughes, way back in 1993!  Now that's like a thousand years ago.  She said one only needed the border, so she got that one done.  She said it was already cut for her.  She had 4 others that were partially sewn together and some that were cut.

She found some paper piecing papers, she said they would be little stars when put together.

She's been happily sewing every day, and half the night on her Juki DX7, she's in hog heaven now that she's got her Juki to sew on.  She says her Juki is the gift that keeps giving.  It gives her hours of fun, fun, fun.  I hear her singing I love my Juki, I love my Juki, I love my Juki.  Every once in a while, I hear say, I love that the thread cutter is on the foot pedal.  She says this saves her so much time.  And the light is so very bright. You can see everything! Oh and that presser foot that comes up when she stops sewing, it's amazing!!!  She was up to 4 this morning sewing.  I even took some pictures, they were kinda dark, but she's at it again, so I'll get some more this morning.

Stay tuned to see the rest of the quilts from "The Box" as she finishes them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Traveling Adventures, Visiting Mama

Well, here it is, a week since my last post.  I had to go babysit a human baby for a week.  They sure do cry a lot!  I'm hiding every chance I get!  Do you see me?  Where am I?  Why, I'm under the pile of course.

Veronica and I get to stay in the RV at night, it's nice and quiet.  We set up the most fabulous quilting area.  She says it's called "Glamping", hmmm, not sure, but ok, I'm game, I'll go with it.

So our first night here, we pulled out all the quilting goodies that Veronica brought.  Here is every Deb Tucker ruler and Technique Sheet that Studio 180 sells.  Boy, are we gonna have some fun!

Veronica brought enough fabric to equal the local quilt shop.  We'll be going over there one day this week to check out all her new stuff.  It's called Mama's Quilt Shop, in Independence, Louisiana.  The owner, Brenda, is fabulous, we just love her.

Once we got everything set up the way we wanted it, Veronica decided she needed to get the last 12 blocks made for the charity quilt she's working on.  She found 30 Grandmother's Fan blocks in "the Box", that's what she called it, honest.  (Next week's post will be all about "the Box").

 I was really confused, looked like a regular box to me and it was full of fabric.  So anyway, she set to work getting the blocks finished.  She worked on them at Lakeview Quilt Guilds Sew-In last week and got 18 done.  She got the other 12 finished now, so all she has to do is put them together and quilt it.

The whole time she was sewing I heard her  muttering about how she wished she had her Juki machine here, seems it has a "foot" that comes "up" when she stops sewing for a sec.  She said it sure would be easier sewing curves that way.  Then she explained that she brought her "mechanical" Bernina that is 30 years old.  Said she felt comfortable leaving it in the RV when we're not around.

She said it was a workhorse, but I didn't see a fluffy tail on it like my horse has.  Anyway, she managed to get them finished even if she did use her workhorse.  So, I guess that's good.

Next up is finishing more stuff from "the Box" using her Deb Tucker rulers.  Ooohhh, I can't wait...


Those pictures will get posted on Instagram as we get them done.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Quilting on the Island!

I'm back!! I have been on many adventures since my last post. We've had so many changes in the past few years its had to keep up with, but I'm back and ready to talk quilting and traveling!

I went to a Mardi Gras party a while back and I really enjoyed the atmosphere, so I kept the party going, moving poolside for the summer.

Last week Veronica and I had a Quiltsmart Mondo/Midi/Bitty Class at the Island Quilt Guild in Galveston, TX. I say "we", but once we crossed the bridge onto the Island, I left Veronica to go check out this "blue water" they've been having while she headed on to teach the class. Lucky for me, I had already gotten a base tan at our home pool, so after a little sunscreen, I sat back to enjoy the sunshine while she and the class attendees made some awesome bags. (I really should have had Veronica make me one to hold my beach towel and sunglasses).

If you haven't made a Mondo/Midi/Bitty bage yet, what are you waiting for? Veronica teaches classes, so if you are interested in having your Bee, Guild or group host a class you can email her at We've made many over the years, but these are some of our favorites.

Have you made a Quiltsmart bag? What's your favorite style to make?

Friday, February 20, 2015


Jaggie has not forgotten about you.  First of all, we got on the Global blacklist.  So we got off of that, we hope.  The the new computer, 2 months old, blew a gasket.  Then Jaggie got a new phone and all of the pictures from the last cruise and Myrtle Beach just disappeared.  Samsung girl, said something about we have to do this and that and I don't know what else.  Well, we're off another cruise, computer is still with the "Geeks" at Best Buy, so we're going on vacation till the 2nd of March. Hopefully March will be a better month.

Veronica and

Friday, February 6, 2015

Whew, cruises!

So I hope you join us on one of cruises, but in the meantime, let me tell you what we've been up to with Debbie Caffery

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Cruise

Yes, Veronica is off on another cruise.  Come join us, we're going to have a fabulous time!!!

Fabulous Cruise Supporting Leukemia & Lymphoma Research

Quilt Cruise for a Cause
Summer Quilting Fun in the Caribbean
A Tropical Adventure at Sea with teachers and educators
Rob Appell, Veronica Cox, Diane Harris, Linda Pumphrey, and Margie Ullery
July 26-August 2, 2015
Quilter Cruise Prices begin at
$1149.00 double occupancy,
discount for non-quilters.

Your cruise includes:           
 - All shipboard accommodations
 - All shipboard meals and entertainment
 - Quilting workshops
 - Use of new Janome Horizon sewing machines
 - Sewing machine technical assistance, you won't even have to thread your own needle if you don't want to!
 - Open Sewing Time
 - Make it/Take it nights
 - Welcome VIQ (Very Important Quilter) Reception
 - Welcome goodies, door prizes and surprise gifts
 - Special evening events and gatherings
 - Show and Tell Gathering/Farewell Party
 - 24 hour complimentary room service
 - More tropical quilty fun than you ever thought possible
 - Private optional shore tours
 - Cruise T-shirt
Fare(s) in USD, per person, based on double occupancy, cruise only, subject to availability, are capacity controlled, may be limited by residency.  Government fees and taxes up to $93.15 are per person and are additional.RCCL reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement of up to $10 per person per day on all passengers if the NYMEX oil price exceeds $70 per barrel, even if the fare has already been paid in full.     Passport fees, shore tours and insurance are not included in the above pricing. Other restrictions may apply. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Deb Roberts Tours are not responsible for omissions or typographical errors. Flexibility during cruise port time is allowed so each passenger may enjoy the area at their leisure.  As port time is often quite limited, unless specified on this website, escorted trips to quilt shops or group activities are not planned while on shore so that one has control of their own time in each port.  Guests are encouraged to wait until the group is confirmed as a go prior to purchasing independent airline tickets.
©2011-2015 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
To participate in the included activities and receive the above inclusions - the cruise must be booked through Deb Roberts' Tours.  Passports must be valid for 6 months after the end of this crusie/tour.

Contact Information: Telephone -  USA (001) 714 325-5708       FAX:  760 - 772 8038     

COPYRIGHT 2004-2014 DEB ROBERTS -  Itineraries, images or text may not be used without written permission.
Trips, itineraries and provided information are the intellectual property of Deb Roberts Tours and protected under copyright law.
World of Quilts is a subsidiary of Deb Roberts' Tours which is a California registered seller of travel (#2090694-40) and is a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation.
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Cruise

Yes, if you're looking for a cruise to join us on, we've got a couple.  I'll tell you about the one that goes out of Galveston in May.  this cruise has Winnie Fleming, Denise Greene, Veronica Cox and
Now we've added Suzy Seed from Sulky.  This cruise is filling up fast, we've got about 7 spaces left.  So come on and join us, this is going to be the best cruise ever.  We've got lots of door prizes and fun, fun, fun!!!  Call Mike really fast at Rockport tours, tell him Jaggie told you to call.  Hurry!  You don't want to miss out on Winnie's class.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sewing Cruise

Ahoy Matey!  I'm kayaking!!!!  Having fun in the sun!!!  Come join me and...Veronica.  She's teaching, and I'm having so much much fun, check out my nice "tan" fur.  Look at that blue water, yummmmy.

Join us on  this is a sewing cruise.  Veronica and all of the teachers have great projects for you.  We'll see you onboard!!!  Just look the furry "little" guy, that'll be me me.  I might be hanging out at the berry bar, do they have one of those?  I'm going in search of it.  Judy, one of my favorite "huggers" will be there.  When you call Bonnie to sign up, tell her to sit you at my table, it's the funnest one of
all.  You know not everyone gets to party with a bear and sew and cruise.  I'm shoving off now, see you in the waves...  

  Round Bobbin logo
Home   |    Sew Fun Cruise   |   Info for Exhibitors   |   Contact Info

Sew Fun Cruise logoRoyal Caribbean logo
NOW BOOKINGRound Bobbin Sewing Cruise
May 10-17, 2015 

Ports of Call: Cozumel, Mexico • Belize City, Belize • Roatan Honduras
Departing from Galveston, TX for seven nights
on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas
Sponsored by
Janome logo

Sew Fun Cruise Instructors:

Connie Crawford

Connie Crawford photoConnie is a licensed designer for Butterick Patterns and is owner of Fashion Patterns by Coni. She is a nationally recognized lecturer, fashion specialist, educator, and author of sewing and pattern books, including A Guide to Fashion Sewing, The Art of Fashion Draping, and Patternmaking Made Easy. Drawing on her 35 years of experience in apparel manufacturing and 23 years teaching fashion design classes in patternmaking, sewing and draping at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, Connie created her own pattern line with true-to-body fit from sizes X-Small to 6X.
Londa Rohlfing
Londa Rohlfing photoLonda's passion is teaching design and techniques to create well-designed and fitted wearable art garments, with specialization on sweatshirt and knit top bases. Londa's innovative Talking Patterns™ provide step-by-step instructions that can be read, seen and even HEARD online. Londa has had articles published in Threads, Sew Beautiful, Sew News, Creative Needle and Sew Savvy magazines, and is a designer and guest instructor on It's Sew Easy PBS sewing series. She also is regularly selected to be on the select Faculty at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. C&T published her book: Sweatshirt Transformations in 2012. She travels the country inspiring and teaching sewers at sewing expos, quilt and sewing guilds, and shops.
Veronica Cox
Veronica Cox photoVeronica is the owner of Bear Thread Designs, Inc. and has traveled extensively, teaching fusible appique using The Applique Pressing Sheet. She has demonstrated the technique at quilt shows, quilt shops, cruises, quilt guild meetings and on television. Veronica was taught to sew by her grandmother at the age of four. She learned how to sew buttons, and she sewed buttons on everything in sight. She learned how to use a sewing machine by sewing through her finger and has since learned the proper way to use a sewing machine. She has sewn for herself and her two children while they were growing up. In 1990, she was introduced to quilting by her mother-in-law. After her first class she was hooked. Veronica has taught many classes and workshops. She also does trunk shows on stage and loves to pass her 70+ quilts around in the audience.
Sam Fung
Sam is an educator for Janome America. Prior to joining the company Sam had his own custom sewing business in Texas where he designed and created wedding gowns, brides maids dresses, home decor, and other things. Some of Sam's creations appeared in the opening numbers of the Miss Texas Pageant. Whether teaching adults or children, his passion for and love of sewing is apparent.

Complete class listings will be included later but you can reserve your cabin now by contacting: Bonnie at CruiseOne 800-784-4480
Prices start at $910 per person
Leave your sewing machine at home.
Sewing machines used on the ship are sponsored by Janome America
Price includes class fees. Kit fees are extra when applicable.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Want to join us on a cruise?  Here is a cruise with Cactus Quilts, we leave pout of Galveston, so it's close for some of us.  We'll be highlighting cruises all week.  We've got quite a few you can still join us on.

Cactus Quilts presents
2nd Annual Quilting Cruise 

Cactus Quilts presents
2nd Annual Quilting Cruise

Royal Caribbean's 'Navigator of the Seas'

Date:  April 12 - 19, 2015

Type:  7 Day cruise  
  • Galveston to Falmouth, Jamaica;
  • George Town, Grand Cayman;  
  • Cozumel, Mexico  
  • plus Quilting Classes/ Workshops during 3 fun sea days
Experience a life-time adventure that cruising has to offer with three unique ports of call plus quilting classes.  Our Quilting classes/ Workshops are held during "at sea" days and we schedule classes outside of port time.  Our goal is to make your quilting/cruising experience a true pleasure and memorable.  The quilting classes will challenge the quilter by adding some new tools/ techniques to their quilting tool box,  while achieving success. We will live, laugh, learn, and go home with lots of memories of our  quilting cruise. Cactus Quilts cruise Teachers includes:  Veronica Cox, Lynn Roddy Brown and Karen E. Overton. The three quilting classes are listed below..     

Cruise Schedule
Day                Port ***                 
12-Apr            Galveston, Texas       4:30 PM (Depart)  

    Welcome Aboard Gathering  
13-Apr            Cruising/ Quilting Class                         
14-Apr            Cruising/ Quilting Class              
15-Apr            Falmouth, Jamaica            
16-Apr            George Town, Grand Cayman                
17-Apr            Cozumel, Mexico              
18-Apr            Cruising/ Quilting Class and Final Gathering                  
19-Apr            Galveston, Texas     7:00 AM (Arrive)     

*** Cruising Schedule is subject to change.          

 Call Today Cruises by Al & Pat Magee (713-729-3040) to book your passage and call us (409-965-9778) to sign-up for the classes.

  For additional information please go to

01 - Quiltsmart Mini Mariner's Compass

Instructor: Veronica Cox

Veronica will teach you to navigate your way with a short cut to piecing this classic quilt pattern. Using a special interfacing made by Quiltsmart, you will be able to complete this intricate quilt in a fast and easy way. The completed mariner's compass block measures 21" x 21".

Kit includes the pattern, fabrics and Quiltsmart special interfacing.

02 - Puss in a Corner
Instructor: Lynn Roddy Brown 

This class is to be a fun, no pressure day of sewing. Lynn will cover scrap quilt theory, precise piecing and designing on a wall. Fabrics from you stash can be used to make this delightfully scrappy version of a traditional Puss in a Corner quilt. The 64" x 81" size is great for naps. The wonderful thing about scrap quilts is that if you are having fun you can make a larger quilt but if you want to stop with a smaller project that also works.

Kit includes the pattern and fabrics.

03 - Illuminated Journey©2014 Karen Overton

This is an original design by Karen Overton celebrating the 2015 Quilting Cruise offered by Cactus Quilts. The design is based on Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Designs Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler and project sheet. The centers are the same but you will have the two of different border treatments, one quilt with Piano Keys Border measuring 38" x 38" and other with the Diamonds Border measures 32"x32". Kits will be available in two color options (light or dark background).

Kit includes Fabric and Pattern.  Required tools will be sold separately. 

Quick Links
Cactus Quilts
1811 6th St. N.
Texas City, Tx 77590
(409) 965-9778
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm |