Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Ready for our Show in Washington!!!

Our big, big, big show in Puyallup, Washington is coming up on February 28th thru March 3, 2013. We're having a special guest designer in our booth. We're having Brenda Henning from Bear Paw Productions in our booth.

She is currently working on a free pattern to be given with the purchase of each fabric bundle of strips. I love strips!!! Any size, any color, I'm in love. We'll have alll 10 of her "stripping" books. 
No, no, we keep our clothes on, what I mean is that all of her wonderful quilts are made from strips and we'll have all of the books, so you could go home with a wonderful collection if the urge hits you. Come by and visit with her, after all she is coming all the way from Alaska just to see me. Ok, maybe she's coming to hang out with Veronica as well. 
We're also having the original artwork made by Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski hanging in our booth as well as selling their fabric and patterns. They'll be there teaching and they'll be in our booth. They are the featured speakers on Quilters Night Out on Saturday. Come by and meet all of our designers!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

On the Road to Recovery!

Hi everyone, Jaggie here (cough, cough,  sniffle, sniffle).  Yes, we've all been hit by "the bug" here at the office.  It's been awful ... and there was no one around to turn on the computer for me, so I've been missing all of you.  But I'm back!! 

We've got lots of great news for the new year.  First off, we're going on a cruise, and not just any cruise, but a quilting cruise!!! 

Yes, all of our friends will be there.  Veronica will be there teaching 9 different classes on the cruise.  Kay Wood will even be there.  Anybody else want to come along?  You could sneak into my cabin and bed down with me, I'm warm and cuddly. We'll be setting sail on Feb 16 from New Orleans, La.  We'll have a fun filled week of quilting, laughing and lots of eating.  Just what I need fresh air and sunshine aboard a big giant cruise ship.  We'll I'm off to be fitted for my tux and of course my life vest.  See you on board!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

It is 2013! Just when I finally remembered to write 2012 instead of 2011, this happens! Where did the time go? Its hard to believe we have officially had the blog going to 6 months now. We are still working on incorporating both the blog and out Facebook page into daily life at Bear Thread Designs, but we are getting there.
We are hoping to do some exciting things this year and we want 2013 to be an interactive year!
We officially have 33 Facebook friends and our blog readers have increased. We love the inteaction that we get on our Facebook page, thanks for all your feedback.
I spend the holidays with Michelle and her family, where the No. 1 grandson and I went on road trips and nature walks and the No. 1 granddaughter even visited last week. It was very fun! How were your holidays? Did you have fun with your family? Any fun projects started or finished? We'd love to hear about them.