Friday, January 25, 2013

On the Road to Recovery!

Hi everyone, Jaggie here (cough, cough,  sniffle, sniffle).  Yes, we've all been hit by "the bug" here at the office.  It's been awful ... and there was no one around to turn on the computer for me, so I've been missing all of you.  But I'm back!! 

We've got lots of great news for the new year.  First off, we're going on a cruise, and not just any cruise, but a quilting cruise!!! 

Yes, all of our friends will be there.  Veronica will be there teaching 9 different classes on the cruise.  Kay Wood will even be there.  Anybody else want to come along?  You could sneak into my cabin and bed down with me, I'm warm and cuddly. We'll be setting sail on Feb 16 from New Orleans, La.  We'll have a fun filled week of quilting, laughing and lots of eating.  Just what I need fresh air and sunshine aboard a big giant cruise ship.  We'll I'm off to be fitted for my tux and of course my life vest.  See you on board!

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