Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Cayman Islands

Wow, what a great cruise!!!  I'm exhausted!!!  I've been out roaming the roads, the open seas, hopping on planes and overall just hitting all the great spots in quiltland.  Here are some pictures of me and a couple of cruisers.  I was beat after all those classes, but boy was it ever fun.  Ya'll should go on the next cruise with us.  We'll let you know as soon as we know where we're going. 

Check out the picture with the police officer in Cayman.  He was so great, he didn't even arrest Veronica when she asked him to pose with us.  His name is Miguel and we're going to e-mail him so he can check out our blog.  I'll bet he's going to be a regular visitor.  
We've got a few kits left over from our cruise and we've picked  several cruisers to receive them.  Look for their names soon.  
We had so much fun with Scott and Aaron from Citrus Sew and Vac in Ocala, Florida.  Aaron was our photographer.  He loved me and followed me around taking pictures, my very own paparazzi!  What a lucky bear I am.  

Check out more pictures from my Cayman adventures below ...


Who's scared of the big bad pirates? Not me, I found two, but neither had any gold. We'll have to go on another hunt next time to see if there is treasure. Want to join me, Matey?

Hanging out just waiting for the girls.  Am I handsome or what?

Check out my new hairdo.  I always wanted black hair like Veronica's.  Do you think we look alike?

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