Friday, March 29, 2013

Cruise Catch-Up: Jamaica

Jamaica was fun, fun, fun.  I went to the beach and just hung out in the sun with Scott and Aaron.  I told you, he loved me.  Oh, yeah, Veronica and Kevin were there as well.  Veronica picked up some pretty great looking shells.  I took some more great pictures.  Jamaica was our last day on the islands, the next day we went back to classes.

Veronica had a total of 9 classes, 7 hands on and 2 lectures.  Do you know how many suitcases she took?  15, yes, I said 15.  She had tons of kits, she was cutting fabric for 3 weeks before we left.  I'm so glad she came back with half as many suitcases as she took.  She only had a few kits left and those were given away in a drawing to cruisers who left comments on our blog and Facebook page.  We're going to start doing more give-a-ways in the next few months.  Just leave a comment about one of our blogs or Like us on our Facebook page.

Here I am with Judy, she's checking students in and giving them their class schedule.

Here  I am with Kaye Wood and Veronica. This is going to be great!! 

Check out the vintage car.  I found it while I was out and about the ship.  I like it.  Maybe one day I'll learn to drive.

Here I am at the pool.  If I back in, I won't see how deep it is. 

 These were really cool jazz musicians, I thought I might jam with them.

 My adventures are over.  What a great week I had.  We'll be cruising again really soon.  I hope ya'll will cruise with us next time.  Remember to check back for more adventures, but before I go I want to thank Quilting Treasures for all of the great fabrics they gave us for our cruise.

Stay tuned for info on our T-shirt giveaway and another on a pattern pack.


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