Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jaggie Says: "If You Quilt It, They Will Come!"

"If You Quilt It, They Will Come!" If only life were a Kevin Coster movie ... I'm not sure I want to live in a "WaterWorld" but I wouldn't mind if I were a "Bodyguard!" (I'm all muscle, not fluff!)

With that thought in mind, I sat down with Veronica over a meal of nuts & berries (muscle food), and we talked about what things we wanted to have on the "Just the Bear Facts" blog and what our vision was for this site. We came up with ideas such as regular posts about vendors we work with, artist we love, and a little bit of fun with "Holiday Happenings!".

But this is an interactive site, so we want to know ... "What would you like to see?"
  • Would you like to see us do step-by-steps projects?
  • Would you like us to profile new patterns and projects?
  • What kinds of contests or polls would you participate in?
We hope that you will be active participants as we take off running with our new blog. The staff of Bear Thread Designs, Inc. is very excited about this new adventure and can't wait to meet all of our fans through the blog and new Facebook page!

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