Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Facebook, It's Jaggie & Bear Thread Designs!

Hello Bear Thread Designs friends! Jaggie the Bear here, and I have some great news. After a little pleading and a lot of cajoling, Veronica has allowed me to open up a Facebook page for Bear Thread Designs! She was concerned that I would be chatting with all my new friends and not getting any work done, but I assured her I would still keep up with my other duties!

I am so excited about the possibilities to meet so many of the Bear Thread Designs friends and fans! It's like having all the social fun of the quilt shows on my computer!

You'll see when you visit our Facebook page that we have linked to posts this blog, as well as to some of our friends like Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, Pat Sloan, McKenna Ryan and The Quilt Room. We look forward to a variety of interactive activities in the future where we can meet and share stories! We've had some friends able to see our page as we got it set up, but now we are open to the Quilt-iverse!! And we're hoping YOU will be our new friend.

I look forward chatting with you, seeing your quilting and craft photos, and more!

Happy crafting my friend,

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