Monday, June 11, 2012

Shop of the Month: The Quilt Room, Huffman, Tx

Welcome to our first Shop of the Month post! We are very excited about this monthly post which will be on the 11th of each month.

For our very first shop, Veronica chose a favorite in her own backyard, The Quilt Room, in Huffman, Texas! (Just outside of Houston.)

"This is the friendliest quilt shop I've ever visited," Veronica explained when we were choosing this month's feature. "They are so helpful, very cheerful, and there are as many smiles as there are fabrics!'
Recently, we caught up with the owner, Julie Arney and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and The Quilt Room. This is what she had to say:

I was born in Fredonia, Kansas, the heartland of America and it was there, with the help of my loving, patient grandmother that my love of sewing and making things was instilled. My mom taught me how to sew when I was five and that skill has stuck with me ever since. As a child we moved frequently as a result of my dad’s job.

Eventually we landed on the north side of Houston. During my high school years I met my soon to be husband through my sister, who at the time was dating his brother. They too are married now. My husband and I are the proud parents of two grown children, both are married and we have been blessed with three grand children.

The seed of creating and managing a small business was sown in my heart and mind as a young woman. Over the years of working in business, and with people in general, this seed started to take root. About this time my good friend Claudia Neimeyer shared with me her dream of opening a quilt shop. She asked me to pray about me taking part in her dream. With much prayer and consultation I agreed and we took off and never looked back. When we came up with the name, “The Quilt Room”, my daughter said “Wow, I bet that took you guys a long time to come up with”. Oh well, we liked it!

We opened the doors in August 2006. The space was small but was adequate for our budget. As the business grew, it did not take long before we outgrew that space and in August of 2009 we moved in to our present location. With the Lord’s help and the support of our customers an even bigger location is in the future plans for the “The Quilt Room”.

In April of 2011 Claudia retired but God has buffered the new challenges with the help of new and old friends. I still have a partner but he is my “Silent Partner”. He has always been in the background to help with building of the shelves, the construction of the classroom and workroom at our new location and any thing else that is needed.

Veronica has taught about a dozen classes at The Quilt Room, ranging from fusible applique to miniatures.

"I had such a blast teaching there!" she adds. "The classes are so much fun, and you meet so many great new friends!"

Veronica hopes that there will be more opportunities to teach there in the future.

The Quilt Room is located at 11515 FM 1960 East, Suite B, Huffman, Texas.

(photos courtesy The Quilt Room)

Upcoming June & July events include:
    Hand Applique!: Today, June 18, 25
  • Machine Applique: June 12
  • Stars in my Laundry Basket: June 13, July 11
  • Beginning Quilting (5 week class): June 14, 21, July 5, 12, 19
  • Fat Saturday Club: June 16
  • Sit N Sew: June 19
  • Glacier Star (7 part series): June 21, July 14, 19
  • Mystery Quilt: June 23
  • Judy Neimeyer Sit & Sew: June 25
  • On the Go Totes: June 26
  • Color & Design (13 month workshop): June 28, July 26
For more information on the The Quilt Room, visit their website at or call (281) 324-9018.

Take time to visit next time you're in the area and tell them we sent you!

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