Friday, June 29, 2012

Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press

Happy Friday Bear Thread Designs friends! I hope you have lots of fun plans for this pre-4th of July weekend. If not, why not try a project using the Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press TM!?!
Much like it's predecessors, The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and the Grip-n-Press TM, the Bear Thread Designs' Stick-n-Press TM, is a non-stick craft sheet. It's top is made of the same non-stick material as The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, however, it has an adhesive bottom so that you can permanently stick it to your full-sized or travel ironing board! You'll never misplace your craft sheet again!
You can use the Stick-n-Press TM for a variety of projects ... from fusible web, to clay arts, painting, and more!  However, because of the adhesive base it cannot be used as a baking sheet.

Here you see the tan Stick-n-Press TM attached to Veronica's travel ironing board (below the Grip-n-Press TM.) The Stick-n-Press was Kevin's solution to Veronica's problem of misplacing her Applique Pressing Sheet TM or Grip-n-Press TM when demonstrating at shows or working on projects in the hotel room. Now she only has to keep up with the top Applique Pressing Sheet TM when its needed! 

The non-stick surface of the Stick-n-Press TM keeps fusible, glue and other such craft adhesives from sticking. In fact, with the right care, nothing will stick the the Stick-n-Press TM. Shown above, the Stick-n-Press TM was used as a palaette by Michelle for another one of her painting projects and after letting the paint dry complete, she just peeled the paint up in one solid piece. After wiping it down with a damp towel and letting it dry, it was ready for another creative activity!

Veronica uses the Stick-n-Press TM to keep her iron and ironing board clean when she is working on fusible projects. She "sandwiches" the fabric and fusible between The Applique Pressing Sheet TM and the Stick-n-Press TM to keep excess fusible from transfering to her iron or ironing board. 

The Stick-n-Press TM comes in the standard 12.5"x 20" size, but serious crafters can special order any size they need by calling, Bear Thread Designs at (281) 462-0661 or emailing

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