Monday, June 4, 2012

The Applique Pressing Sheet

"Oh, is this the sheet my friend was telling me about?" ... "Oh, I saw this at my quilt shop!" ... "I saw this on (name of favorite quilt show)!"

It never ceases to amaze us where people have heard about The Applique Pressing Sheet TM by 
Bear Thread Designs, Inc. when we are out and about at shows and expos. Veronica collects these stories like baseball cards or tea cups! If you haven't heard about The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, let me explain ...

The Applique Pressing Sheet TM, was created in 1986, launching Bear Thread Designs, into the quilting industry and beyond as its popularity grew.

This double-sided sheet is made from a ultra high temperature fabric and is coated with non-stick Polylon TM. This release-all sheet is guaranteed for 5 years and includes instructions for its multi-uses as well as provides a free appliqué pattern so you can get started on the fun of fusible applique.

The transparent construction of The Applique Pressing Sheet TM allows you to see your pattern through the sheet to use as a placement guide while you fuse your overlapping design together into one unit. Fusible web fabrics such as Lite Steam-A-Seam, PrintNFuse, Wonder Under, and Heat-n-Bond peel right off.

The original Applique Pressing Sheet TM was a 13"x17" size, but as Bear Thread Designs started working with more and more artists, we discovered a desire for larger sheets, and so the 18"x20" and 27"x30" sized sheets were introduced.

The Applique Pressing Sheet TM can be used for so much more than just fusible applique though ... you can use it as a:
  • CRAFT SHEET & PAINTING SURFACE -- The Applique Pressing Sheet TM is a great crafting surface. This non-stick surface is great for hot glue guns, glue melts, wax designs, stiffening fabric, glue projects, rubber stamps, and embossing. It also works great for kids' crafts, serves as a base for Play-Doh time and as a paint pallet. Paint and glue peels off when dry. Clean up is a breeze.
  • IRONING BOARD PROTECTOR -- Use The Applique Pressing Sheet TM on top of your ironing board to protect its surface from fusible web fabrics, iron-on interfacing and the print from paper piecing patterns.
  • BAKING SHEET -- You may also use the sheet in the oven to bake shrink-art, clay projects and salt dough ornaments.
Recently at a show, Veronica was in a bind for dinner. She had purchased some groceries to prepare meals in her room and didn't realize there was no baking sheet when she'd got a pizza. In a moment that would have made MacGyver proud, she pulled out an extra Applique Pressing Sheet and baked the pizza. She still says, "That was the crispiest crust ever!" I guess necessity really is the mother of invention!

The uses for The Applique Pressing Sheet TM are limited only by your imagination! Check back next week to learn about another Bear Thread Designs product ... The Grip-N-Press!!

So go get one and let me know what projects you do!

Bear Thread Designs has also created a Demo DVD,  with step-by-step instructions on using the Applique Pressing Sheet TM for fusible web. Visit the Bear Thread Designs, Inc. website or contact  your local quilt shop to place your to order.

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