Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Inspires You?

Jaggie here! Just hanging out in the Creative Room today. How is everyone enjoying October? Or at least the first few hours of it! Its hard to believe that it is October 1 already. 

We have a lot of projects going on at any given time and sometimes I can admittedly get overwhelming when we see the WIPs (Works in Progress) pile. Sometimes Veronica and Michelle have the luxury of putting down one project and starting on another when they start to feel burned out, but sometimes deadlines are tight and they push on. What do you do when you get burned out on a project?

Veronica is really good at pushing through, she's a bit of the marathon runner when it comes to the quilt projects. She can work on a big project for days as a time, just working away on something until its done. Michelle is more of a sprinter. She likes to do as much as she can as fast as she can and then move on to the next project. Shows are a good example of this.

Michelle can often complete (to a degree) 2 or 3 quilt blocks/tops on a show day just by demonstrating the Applique Pressing Sheet to booth vendors and event attendees. However, when we get back home or to the office, Veronica usually takes them and completes the bigger quilts, putting multiple blocks together on patterns such as McKenna Ryan or Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.

Veronica is often content to take projects home and finish them. Michelle prefers to do other projects at home, like finding or creating projects for us to show you here on the blog and come back fresh, ready to work on quilts the next day.

Both Veronica and Michelle have their strengths in themes of fusible applique patterns as well. Veronica is really talented when it comes to animals, picking out fabrics and seeing an animal "come to life" even at the start of a quilt. Michelle's eye for color and contrast from her years as a photographer are an asset when it comes to floral and nature scenes. 

So what inspires you to continue working when you reach a wall on a project? Do you alternate or push through until the end. What are your strengths when it comes to your quilting and how do you use them to your advantage?

Until our next adventure,

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