Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scraps of Fun Turn into Beautiful Blocks

Special thanks to Lonestar Quilt Guild in Friendswood, TX, for having Veronica teach a Scrappy Charm class before yesterday’s meeting. It was so much fun!! This is Veronica's block ... can you find the flipped piece? Who would have thought such ugly fabrics could make such a beautiful block!! 

Check back later as Veronica creates a entire quilt with these ugly charm squares. She has been collecting charm squares for years and is finally ready to put them to good use! There was even a contest for "Ugliest Fabric" .. and Veronica wasn't even the winner! 

Many of the class participants liked fabric that other attendees thought was ugly. Isn't it funny how one quilter's "icky" is another quilter's "awww!"!?! 

If you are in the Friendswood Area and want to learn more about the Lonestar Quilt Guild, contact Susan at to learn about upcoming meetings and classes.

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