Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pink Saturday: Quilt Pink!

So once again, let me apologize for the quietness of our blog. Our overworked Marketing Guru, Michelle, has not had Internet for a week. On top of balancing a full time job and managing fearless toddler, she squeezes in working on our marketing and social media as well as occasional shows, so it took a while to work on her internet issues. 
But her internet is back now, so we've got lots of catching up to do and what better way to kick off an active blog week than with Pink Saturday!
This week's theme is: Quilt Pink! We've been to many shows, lectures and demonstrations, leading us to see some great pieces of art. Here are just a few that we love!
These adorable little quilted treasures are travel jewelry holders.
Veronica and occasionally Michelle travel a lot and keeping
organized is important.

This is a miniature quilt that Veronica has been working on. It's on
her WIPs list, so come back for an update and photo of it completed.

Look at me! I took over demonstrations at the Rocky Mountain
Quit Festival!

One of Michelle's favorite quilts at the Rocky Mountain
Quilt Festival.

Another amazing quilt at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival.
So do you have any special quilts in your life? We hope so, but regardless, we hope you all have a great Pink Saturday!

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  1. The quilts are very pretty. I love the travel pieces for jewelry. Thanks for visiting me!