Monday, September 10, 2012

Wanted: Cat with an Attitude

A few weeks ago, we recieved a call from a quilter with a story ... and what a story it was ...

She called us slightly worried. She had just recently purchased 25-yards of fabric for a project and she was unaware that her cat had chosen the bag as an impromptu litter box one day, peeing all over the fabric. She was wanting to know if Bear Thread Designs' Sew Clean could help remove both the stain and smell.

Veronica suggested she throw the fabric in the washing machine with 1/2 cup of Sew Clean and the least amount of water possible (each washing machine is different), then let it air dry. Repeat if necessary since the quilter was unsure of when the cat had pottied on the fabric. A week later the quilter called back excited! It had worked! Sew Clean saved her fabric (and probably one of the cat's 9 lives!)

So with a little Sew Clean and a little patience, her fabric was as good as new, though I'm sure that kitty cat was on Santa's naughty list for a while!


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