Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jaggie's Adventure of a Lifetime!!

I am so excited that Michelle found the camera and I can tell you about some of my fun adventures at the International Quilt Market in Houston last month! OMG! I had such a blast!

First of all, this was to be the first year that we we not going to have a Bear Thread Deisgns booth because Veronica was really excited to walk the event and meet new people, and hopefully find some new artists. But our friends at Bigfork Bay Cotton Company had a last minute issue and couldn't make it to Market and asked if we could step in. So Veronica called Michelle (whom I live with most of the time because her little boy plays with me.) She asked if Michelle and I could sit in the booth while she walked around as planned. Of course we were excited to help!

We met a lot of new and returning friends that weekend, and I'll tell you more about that in a later post, but my adventures those two days were amazing! You would not believe all of the fun things there were and new friends. Here are some of the things I did ...

I made a new friend, named Popcorn at the Quilting Treasures booth. We hung out in their fabrics, just enjoying all the wonderful colors and talking about all the quits we'd make if we were going to hibernate for the winter, but we have too many projects to do, so sleep will have to wait! Michelle's favorite fabric was one with sock monkeys on it, but I prefer bears myself ... and yummy berries!

Moda Fabrics had a huge booth with lots of fun things. I got to explore this fun trailer, it really made me want to go on a camping trip. I even spent a little time at the campfire roasting marshmellows and tried to nap in one of the pretty chairs but Veronica said it was time to work.


Does this Art Kloth make my tie look pink? Just joking! We really love Jennifer Lokey and her Art Kloth. I raided her booth while she was out and about and had lots of fun, then stopped by later for a few hugs from Jenn. Just can't get enough!

Me and My Sisters Designs has a really fun booth, but their jar of sweets is what I kept going for. Those sisters sure know how to capture a bear's heart!

The whoe weekend, I saw people walking around with this fun pink shirts and kept thinking I wanted to find out where they were from. I fianlly ventured over to the Kangaroo Kabinets booth and though they were out of shirts, I met a few of their staff members. These friendly kangroos and I chatted about their cabinets and all which ones we have in our personal craft rooms. Which would you choose?

While I was wandering about, I discovered this amazing well at the Gutermann Threads booth.  After a little investigating discovered there were no fish, but I did make a wish! Let's see if my maple leaf quilt gets finished now!

The girls at the Paper Pieces booth were A LOT of fun! I was at their booth for a while. They gave me a bit of a make over and there was lots of laughter. These girls were hilarious!


We really had a lot of fun at Quilt Market this year and I'm so excited Veronica let me tag along. I invite you to visit some of friends and tell them I sent you!

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