Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shop of the Month: Jaggies Gambles On New Friendships

This is our inaugural post about the 2012 International Quilt Market and Festival! I was so happy Veronica let me tag along. This bear has such a good time!

I met lots of new friends and had many adventures. One of my favorites was hanging out and playing dice with the ladies of Stitchin' Tree Quilts, located in Harlan, Iowa.
Stitchin' Tree Quilts is home of Trader's Dice, a game that has much more laughter than any Vegas game!

Owner, Teresa Coenen explains the game. "Trader's Dice is a game that you can play with three or more people -- the more the merrier. Roll the dice, trade to the left, trade to the right, trade across the table, or steal from the kitty. You can trade anything: fat quarters, charm squares, jelly roll strips, patterns, thread, you name it. And you don't have to be a quilter to play. This game can be played with scrapbookers, knitters, playing card collectors -- any collector can play."

"I created the the game as a way for everyone to win. My experience had been that several of our ladies refused to play winner takes all games," she explains. "I'm a retired educator, so I used to buy blank dice at a teacher supply store and made my own dice. Typically groups would want me to leave the dice with them. Eventually, I had the dice made. It's been fun!"

It sure was fun! There were visitors waiting in line for their turn to play, so as you can see it was quite the hit!
As you can see I was quite a pro when it came to rolling the dice. Though I didn't win, the ladies did share their winnings with me! Ah, the ladies love me!
Dice aren't the only fun things you'll find at Stitchin' Tree. The shop, which opened in 2006, even have their own quilt line which includes quilt patterns, blocks of the month and kits! They also have PinPals. "A PinPal is a magnetized pin catcher that you wear on your shirt/lapel, collar or sleeve. Made of sturdy plastic, this pin catcher will hold pins, needles and small scissors. It's perfect for when you are doing lap work, and will save you from losing your scissors down the crack of the chair or sticking pins in your collar or sofa arm."
It's safe to say Stitchin' Tree has some really great treats!  
Stitchin' Tree also provides some great services like, quilting services, T-shirt quilts, and has a few quilts for sale as well! They also have free tips and patterns on their website as well as a list of classes and workshops, so check it out! (If they had a nuts and berry buffet, I would be moving in!)
Stop by and check out the Stitchin' Tree Quilts' website, or if you are in the area stop by for a visit and tell them "Jaggie sent you!". They are located at 616 Market Street, Harlan, Iowa 51537. 
We'll have more of my adventures from Quilt Market and photos of our booth at Quilt Festival soon, so come back and visit!

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