Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Fall" in Love with Crafts Again

Its officially "Fall" and even the Texas heat is allowing cooler temperatures to greet us in the morning. That's a good sign for us because it is the start of our busiest time of the year and cooler weather will certainly help. 

As the seasons change, so do our quilting projects ... or at least the theme. I took a peek at Michelle's personal craft blog a few days ago and saw that she was already knee deep in Autumn-themed quilting. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and even a little Christmas fun.

This quick and easy pumpkin is one of a few Fall-inspired patterns that Bear Thread Designs carries. Veronica likes to crochet in the winter as well as quilt - she says it helps keep her warm. In fact the whole team gets a little "craftier" as the holidays approach. What are some of your favorite fall crafts? Are there activities that you prefer to do when the weather gets cooler?

It seems like we are not to only ones getting into the holiday spirit. My friend Popcorn and his team at Quilting Treasures are welcoming the season with a collage of color. I really like the Elf on the Shelf Collection, though Michelle informs me that she and is already dreaming of projects for the Harvest Fare Collection.  

Veronica is working on a two new quilts using Quilting Treasures fabrics and is hoping to have them completed by International Quilt Festival, if not sooner. I'm not allowed to look at them because I can't keep secrets, but come back and visit soon and maybe I'll have a sneak peek.  

Well, I'm off to find some adventure. Maybe I'll run off to the Creative Room and pick out some fabric while no one is looking so someone can make me a new quilt. 

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