Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bluebonnet Area Quilt Guild

Wow what a wonderful group of ladies!!!  Veronica was lucky enough to be invited to give a lecture at the Bluebonnet Area Quilt Guild in Bellville, Texas.  She was a little worried because it was raining really hard, I heard the weather man say that we had gotten more rain in the last 5 days then we had in the previous year and a half.  There were lots of flooded streets all over our area, but she packed up the van and off she went.  She made me stay home, she didn't want me getting my fur all wet and yucky.  She told me all about those wonderful ladies  and how they made her feel welcomed.

They first started off at a Mexican restaurant where they met Pam and then there were about 20 members who came to eat before the meeting.  She got to talk to several members who were interested in her quilt cruises. Then of course they had to talk about the food on the different ships. Quilters love to eat and laugh as they quilt, so this was a very important topic.
Then they set off to the guild meeting.  This guild has some great ideas with their challenge that is due in January.  Veronica says we'll be there to check out the quilts. They had some great show and tell and talked about several retreats, one even has a mystery quilt that they'll work on there.   One member talked about their scrap bee and exchange, which is one of Veronica's favorite things to do.  She said she an instant on insanity and thought, "hey, we could move here".  Then she thought about packing up and moving all her fabric, not to mention everything else and she came back to reality.  She says she will come back to visit.  Thanks to everyone at the meeting for such a great time and a feeling of "belonging".  See ya'll in January.


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