Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sewing machine dealers

How often do we think about our sewing machine dealers long after we've bought our machines? Some of us never think of them until we have a problem.  Mine is so lucky because he hears from me all the time.  Ok, so I do work for him on occasion, namely helping out on quilting cruises.  But back to my machine dealer.  He's awesome, he gives his cell phone number to every quilter he sells a machine to.  He also tells them they can call up until midnight if they have a problem or question with their machine.  (Does he understand us or what?)

Soooooooooo....... at 4:00 a.m. this morning as I was sewing along and I had an issue with my machine.  I thought, I wonder what time it is at his house?  Then I thought maybe I should just go to bed and worry about it in the morning.  So I called the next day, he was busy, but in less than 5 minutes, he was on the phone with me and I was saying "I broke my machine, I think I need a new motor".  He told me I did not need a new motor.  (I'm sure he was laughing, but he didn't let me hear the chuckles).  He asked what was wrong, I told him, he walked me through a couple of things, I took the throat plate off, pulled out the bobbin case hit the start button, put it back together and off I went.  Guess what, he was right, I didn't need a new motor.  My machine was up and running in nothing flat!!!  I love my machine dealer!!!  He's awesome.  I hope everyone has a sewing machine dealer like Scott.


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