Monday, August 6, 2012

Charity Spotlight: Raffle with a Purpose

Bear Thread Designs, Inc. is dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting others who do. Recently, we decided to offer quilt guilds who are raffling quilts for community programs or for charities they support to display their quilts here on the Bear Thread Designs blog.

Our first Quilt Guild Raffle is by Crosby Quilt Guild, in Crosby, Texas. This sunny double dreseden plate quilt top was made possible by Helen Moyer. It was quilted by Monta Horner. The winner will be drawn Oct., 2012.

The proceeds from the quilt will go to support the work Crosby Quilt Guild does with Crosby EMS, New Horizons Family Center and Breathern Church, among other projects.

If you would like to display your quilt guild's raffle quilt on the Bear Thread Designs blog, send us:
  •  photo of the quilt, both whole quilt and close up
  • name of person(s) who made the top
  • name of person who quilted the quilt
  • name of your organization
  • what charities or non-profit the proceeds will benefit.
  • name and contact information (email and phone number) for point of contact
If your guild makes quilt for donations to charities like children's hopsitals, veterans, etc. we'd love to feature those too. Please send the above information with no more than 5 photos of the quilts (only 5 photos will be used on the post).

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