Monday, August 27, 2012

The Adventures of Me, Jaggie!!

Hello All! It's me, Jaggie, with one more post from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival, in Loveland, Colorado, Aug. 17-19. I had to sneak in here to the computer to send you these photos!
Shh! Don't tell Veronica!
I had a lot of fun at the quilt festival. It was really busy, and between working 2 booths and teaching 2-3 classes, programs and lectures a day, Veronica, Michelle and Nancie were too busy to keep an eye on me, so I wandered off for a bit each day to see what adventures I could find.
There were times that I worked ... I help with demos of the Applique Pressing Sheet and other Bear Thread Designs products, and answered questions about patterns and such. But after a while, I got the urge to roam ...

After I figured out how to get around this huge complex, I snuck into a class or two to see what they were doing and got caught dancing on top of sewing machines in one class ...
And accessorized with thread and such in another. (Does this thread make my head look big!?!)
I wandered through the display area and found quite a few quilts that caught my eye ...
I tried to get upclose to some, but got caught when I tried to get a closer look at one and got tangled up. I was told that I couldn't snuggle with them.
I tried to sleep amongst the Hoffman Bali Batiks that looked so soft and inviting, but had my nap interrupted with so many people coming to buy some for projects!
The hotel bed was comfy, but I had so much to do and didn't want to waste time sleeping!!
I've heard that if you are in Colorado, you must go horseback riding ... so I tried it and loved it!
I also sat out and watched the sun come up before the day got started and things got hectic.
The trip home was uneventful, but Michelle and I had to fly back because there was no room for us in the van!!
I hope you enjoyed my adventures! If so, join us for the Sew Fun Cruise in February!! It is set to lift anchor in New Orleans, LA, on February 16 for a week long adventure through the Caribbean stopping in ports such as Falmouth, Jamaica, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas!
Just think of all the adventures you can have on a weeklong cruise!! Check back later to see what other things Bear Thread Designs has going on. We have some give-a-ways and raffles, upcoming trips and more!

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