Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pink Saturday: A Blog Take Over

Hello Everyone! It's Jaggie here! Veronica is out of town again and Michelle is taking over the blog decisions todayand through November really  ... which will be evident once you realize its all about her projects today on Pink Saturday.
Michelle is a "jack-of-all trades" when it comes to crafts, though quilting is one of her interests, its one that she has only been doing in recent years. Just like Veronica learned to sew at age 5, Michelle learned to cross stitch at age 5 and this is her first love ... well crafting-wise. As a military spouse who moved often, she found one way to keep the feel of "home" in each new house was to keep some simple touches the same. In the kitchen that meant a variety of stitched towels.
Now Michelle lives by the  philosophy that making something is only part of its journey. Each time she uses one of her stitch towels (or other craft items), she has the opportunity to create new memories while holding on to old ones. Some of those towels have quite a story to tell ... like the baby's first bites of solid food or the first dinner she hosted for her husband's commander and his wife!
These towels pictured were all made at various points at thier last duty station, mostly while her husband was deployed or "otherwise engaged" by the Army.

(Can you see why she needs more drawers in her kitchen!?! This is just the summer ones made in the last 2 years!) Stitching towels started with the first yearlong deployment, and has evolved to be a sort of tradition where she choses a theme and stitches various things with that theme during the deployment. This year is cupcakes ...

Luckily now that they are back home for a while, she has turned her crafting to other areas. (Really, she was running out of room in the kitchen!) This is one of the fall projects she did for their home (now that she can decorate without worrying about losing stuff in a move.)
What projects are you working on? Anything seasonally inspired? We'd love to hear what you've got on your craft table! Happy Pink Staurday!

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