Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cruising Closer to Departure Time

We're counting down the days to our cruise. We'll be sailing the high seas, we'll be quilting, laughing and of course, eating.

We've got some great stuff lined up for our classes.  New products to share, new fabrics to give out in our classes, cute projects and of course, we'll be blinging up some of those projects. They'll both be in the mystery classes, so I can't tell, but you'll love it! I might bling myself up too. I've always wanted to be a flashy bear.

One of our classes, The Grandmother's Flower Garden, is being offered in the traditional way as well as a scrappy Hexagon quilt that I started last week and I've got a pretty good section going. It's cute as can be, it'll cover me and probably one or two of the grandbabies. They just love to cuddle and drag me around. Veronica is working on her version as well. She's been running around grabbing all the charm squares she finds. I just go in behind her and "borrow" them so I'm not having to run around looking for any.

We're using the 2" Hexagons from Paper Pieces, you may remember that I took pictures with them at their booth in October when we were at Houston Quilt Market (see below). They have lots of great English paper piecing patterns. Veronica made a grandmother's flower garden in 1/4" hexagons a while back. I'll see if I can find that quilt and let you see it, it was part of a "Solo" Round Robin that she did with some of her friends. Well, I gotta run, isn't the life of a bear just great?


In the words of Chistopher Robbin, "Silly ol' bear!"

Jaggie was cutting up and cracking jokes at the
Paper Pieces booth at Quilt Market 2012. 

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