Monday, May 6, 2013

Michelle's Mystery: Trouble with Triangles

Well, life happens and i am a week or so behind on my quilt. Life with a toddler gets pretty hectic, but it looks like we are well on our way in this mystery quilt and I got to my first roadblock. Now, I have been watching my mom at her crafts for years, including quilting. At 15, I made my first quilt top. Others followed, but save for one quilt - which is yet to be finished - none of them used triangles.

It's not that I am scared to attempt them, I'm just not fond if them. I am quite happy to get creative with squares and triangles, so on two levels, this mystery quilt is taking me out of my comfort zone.

So when mom got back from her last trip, Paducah, she sat down and walked me through the process of both the half-square triangle and the flying geese. I felt pretty confident, so I found some time in between making gifts for Teachers Appreciation Week and hubby studying for law finals.

I sat down at my much-neglected sewing machine and started on 16-pages of half square triangles. It was not too bad, once I got into the rhythm. I did discover one thing that many people, quilters and non-quilters discover at one point in life. I now have to wear glasses when I sew. {sigh} I just got them in January and hadn't needed to wear them for needlework yet, but alas, for machine work.

I can't wait to see what everyone else's quilts will look like. Until next week, when we talk "flying geese", happy stitching!!

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