Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bobbins and Spools Cause Threading Question

How much thread do you go through a year? Think about it ...

Well, recently, this was the question Veronica asked herself and she found she didn't have the answer. So what to do, but find to find out!!
Veronica's personal sewing room is an eclectic colletion of fabrics, notions, machines and more. But nothing in there (including the fabric) is as varied as her collection of thread. Cotton, polyester, silk, heavy-duty, metalic, embroidery and more. You could turn it into a scavenger hunt!! Some is in use, a lot organized, much of it is tucked away in baskets, boxes and bags, but thread is not something that she will run short of soon.

Over the years, as a quilter, teacher, business owner, board member and more, she has unknowingly collected thread of all types. Sometimes it was as a gift, other times she was asked to sample new products, occasionally she was asked to review a color ot texture of a thread, some of it came from her great-grandmother who set her on this journey of creativity. In December, Veronica and Michelle were discussing the amount of thread one might use in a year and Veronica decided that in 2014 she would save her empty spools of thread to determine the answer to that question.

Veronica spends quite a bit of time in the sewing room. Not only is she a member of what I think is a million quilt guilds, groups and bees, but she also makes many of the samples for Bear Thread Designs vendor booths at shows and the samples for classes she teaches. When she finds the time she manages to make a quilt or two for her adult children, though more often the grandbabies (who are now PRESCHOOLERS and feel they should not be called "baby".) I even get a quilt or two made from extra blocks or scraps of fabric. Oh, I love them when they get soft and cuddly.

So tell us how much thread you think she'll use by the end of the year, or how much you think you use. You can even join us in this journey of discovery! I'll check in with Veronica throughout the year and let you know how she is doing!!

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