Thursday, January 2, 2014

Start New Year with New Goals

With the new year comes new resolutions and goals, and this year is no different. Every year Veronica resolves to spend a year focusing on quilts in one manner or another. In the past few months while organizing both the company Creative Room and her personal craft rooms, she decided this might be the year to focus on getting creative with what she has in her stash. That's right, Veronica has decided to not purchase fabric for personal projects in 2014. Instead she is challenging herself to get creative with stash and scraps!

Now I admit this will be a hard on for me, I personally prefer when she makes goals like "a quilt a month" but this is going to be fun. She's actually done it a few times as a resolution, where she only bought fabric for company samples and projects, but I don't know. This bear is convinced that its harder to give up buying fabric than it is to not eat a bowl of fresh berries you find on the kitchen counter.

I think what will make it easier for us is that Veronica is scheduled to teach a variety of scrap quilt classes throughout the year with several guilds and quilt shops.

There is still time to join her classes. Visit our blog often to get updated information on class schedules and locations. If you'd like your quilt guild or shop to host Veronica's scrap classes, send email to

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