Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buried Treasures ...

Gold, silver, diamonds and other jewels may be what many would consider treasure, but for many a quilter, finding fabric, notions and half finished projects can be just as exciting!! Yesterday we showed you one quilt tops Veronica found when cleaning that was approximately half finished only needing borders. Today we'll show you the rest.

This first one contains the finished blocks, once they are put together they will look something like this.

Veronica was organized enough to keep all of the fabrics together, so after sorting through the piles and consulting the Trudie Hughes books used in the class, she was able to determine where she'd left off and what needed to be done to complete the quilt. Organization ... to quilters its like vegetables, it makes your life better, but its not always your best friend.

 The remaining four projects may take a little longer to complete, as most are just cut pieces, may a few strips sewn together. Even Veronica doesn't know what they will look like and it will take her a little more time to sort through these. Its kind of like a surprise she left for herself 21 years ago!

With a little bit of time and work, Veronica will have 6 new quilts to add to her collection! Maybe she will even turn it into a pirate themed lecture! Who doesn't like to talk about buried treasure!?!

Well, I'm off to find a parrot and eye-patch, happy stitching ...

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