Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Spool Story February Update

As you may remember, a month ago we announced that Veronica would be collecting all the spools of thread she used throughout the year to see how much thread she uses in a year. (You can see the post here.) Well, here's a peek at the growing pile ... She is up to 7 spools last we checked.

This month we've done a lot of "finishing" projects, completing a variety of projects that were started last year, many which are fused. I expect once we get past this pile, she'll have lots more to show us.

What we forgot to mention was that it does not include bobbin there. Veronica has a box or two pre-wound bobbins and she's just been throwing those away as she finishes them. (The ones pictured at Michelle's, her preschooler like to sort them back in order.)

Check back with us at the middle of each month and we'll let you know how the pile is growing.

Happy stitching,

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