Monday, February 10, 2014

There is a Reason Mom Says to Clean Your Room

Growing up many of us rolled our eyes, huffed and puffed and generally procrastinated when our mom told us to clean our room. Now many of us are those moms imploring for our children to clean. Well, Veronica didn't need her mom to tell her to clean.

This week she has been cleaning out all those secret places where she has stashed fabric, projects and more, and has found some pretty interesting things.

But is wasn't just the nearly-finished quilt top. 

She found all the fabric she originally put together for the quilt.

"Look at my big stitches and uneven lines," she said as she and Michelle sorted through the stack and looked over the top.

Veronica started this project in 1993, when she was taking a class with Trudie Hughes. In fact, she found 6 quilts total that she started in that class but never finished. Tomorrow we'll show you where the other found treasures.

Hopefully, she'll find a little time between make samples and quilts for lectures and programs, and will be able to finish this quilt and we'll post a photo.

Happy stitching,

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