Friday, October 24, 2014

International Quilt Market

It's that time of year again.  We're getting ready for Market in Houston, Texas.  We took our friend Mattie from Quiltsmart to set up today.  Geez, such crabby workers in the parking lot.  Apparently he was not a quilter!  They tell you where to park and give you 10 minutes to unload.  Do they know how much stuff we have?  We've got quilts and boxes of patterns and grids to hang the patterns on and tables and drawers and poles and our "junk" food for the week.  Do they really think we can unload all of that in 10 minutes?  Well we finally got that done, then Veronica and I were off to deliver grids to another friend who is setting up tomorrow.  We didn't know her booth number and didn't have a name tag to get in to try to find her booth.  We just went to her house, that was so much easier.  We will get to go shopping on Saturday and hopefully we'll find lots of great things.  We'll keep you updated!


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