Friday, October 10, 2014

Writing quilting books, a money maker?

Veronica thought this was a pretty good thing to pass on.  She found it on, you know Bonnie Hunter's site.
**Disclaimer**  Did you know that your author-friends make as little as 75 cents per paper-book sold on Amazon, and the digital royalties are much less than that?  And if you purchase a used copy on Amazon, your author-friend gets nothing. 
We buy books at wholesale to sell at our lectures and workshops because we can not live by royalties alone.  We have to sell the books as merchandise, just to stay afloat. 
If you really want to support your author-friends, buy from them directly. 
It may cost a bit more, but in the long run  you are really helping them to keep designing, to keep writing books, to keep providing you with the inspiration you want them to for your enjoyment.

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