Monday, October 20, 2014

Round Robin Pictures

We finally got our pictures from last years Round Robin.  We had our reveal "party" a couple of months ago.  There were a few problems getting the pictures, but here they are.  I will be showing them for the next week or so.  There are a lot of great quilts.  We will go in alphabetical order.

First off we have Anna, she started with this Hello Kitty panel...

and after a year's wait, she got this completed top.  

Next up we have Anne, she started with an applique medallion of flowers and butterflys.

After a year, she got this great top.

This is Cheri, and she started with a panel of Santa....

After her years wait, she got this great top.  Check out the paw prints in the snow.  That was a lot of work! There are applique jingle bells as well.  

Here is Christine with her Alice In Wonderland medallion.  

This wasmy favorite one.  It was amazing!    

So much work went into Christine's top.  I loved it!

Here is Cindy with her lonely sewing machine.  Check out the chocolate martini.  

And after a year...
 What a great job these ladies did.  The green on the outside border is fabric that looks like a cutting mat.  So doggone cute! 

This is Connie's medallion.  

She did not want it squared up so it was such a great time seeing this grow every 2 months and hearing how her team worked on it to keep the top the same shape as when she started.  

Pretty sure she loved it!  Stay tuned for more quilts.  We've got plenty of them, at least 24.

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