Thursday, October 2, 2014

What is an Applique Pressing Sheet?

I recently had a couple of ladies ask me what the differences were in our products.  So I decided that we will devote a few of our Tip Thursday's to tell you what each product does, Veronica will have some samples and show you some completed projects.  We start with our main product The Applique Pressing Sheet. You can use you Applique Pressing Sheet when making fusible web projects.  All of our Applique Pressing Sheets come with a free pattern so you can go home and "play".  We give you a tracing guide, which is pictured below. All of the pieces are seperated so that you can trace them without having to figure put which piece needs that little 1/8" so that fabric touches fabric.

Trace the pattern onto fusible web.

Once you have that traced, you will fuse it to fabric.

When you have fused all of your fabric to your fusible web, you'll cut your pieces out.  I use teflon scissors.  More on those later.

Here it is with the fusible web still on the back.

 I usually put all of my cut pieces into a baggie ready to go to the ironing board.  This is our pattern (it's in the package with your Applique Pressing Sheet).

 Next you put The Applique Pressing Sheet on top of the pattern.

As you see, you can see through the sheet with the pattern underneath.  So now you're ready to fuse. You add your first piece.  I usually add the pieces that are in the back of the design first and build it up.  It is much easier to do it this way than to add pieces underneath after you fuse the top pieces.  I think of it as building a cake.  You gotta start at the bottom and go up!


You continue fusing until all of your pieces are fused to the sheet.  Let it cool off and gently peel it off of the sheet.  You entire project is now in one piece, everything is exactly where it should be and

all of your fusible web is still on the back.  The only part that has fused is where the fabric is touching fabric.  Now you take your completed fused piece, put it on the background fabric and press it down.  

Now it's done and ready for you to quilt it.

This is a project Veronica just finished .  It is one part of a block of the month pattern by Pine Needles.

With The Applique Pressing Sheet, you can get very detailed with your quilts.  Have fun and tomorrow we'll show you lots of pictures of quilts that Veronica has made.

The Applique Pressing Sheet comes in 3 sizes.  The original in a flat or rolled package is 13" x 17", We also have an 18" x 20" and a 27" x 30" for those extra large quilts.  All three sizes are available on our website

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