Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Found the cord! Then computer problems, but we're back!!!

Look what I found laying around.  Somebody has an Applique Pressing Sheet in their class bag.  I feel right at home now.  We've been having some really crazy waves and quite a few have gotten sick, but I'm feeling the feelings of home.  So I'm good.  


Here I am with Kim Diehl.  She was one of the teachers on ther cruise and she even gave me one of her patterns.  Well, Ok, she really gave it to Veronica , but it's a small pattern so I know the quilt will be for me. 

This is the view form Sam's room.  You know Sam, he works for Janome and goes on a lot of cruises with us.  He got sick one day too and had to leave the classroom.  

Here I am talking to Scott.  He was telling me all about the new Version 2.  15000 machine that we had on board.  

 This is Sam's monkey.  Isn't this a great room?  

More later.

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