Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tip Thursday-Yes, we're back

Tip Thursday is all about the Grip-n-Press this month.  The original one was brown and orange, but now we make them in silver and black.  The Grip-n-Press has a grippy surface on the bottom and a non-stick (Applique Pressing Sheet)  surface on top.

See, this is what the bottom of the sheet looks like.

It is an ironing board protector and can also be used as a multi purpose craft sheet.  The Grip-n- Press allows you to use virtually any surface as an ironing surface.  It is easy to carry, you just roll it up and carry it to class.

In this picture, we are ironing fusible web to a piece of fabric.

OOOPS!  We got some of the fusible hanging over the edge of the fabric.  Not a problem, when you pull the fabric up, the fusible web stays on the Grip-n-Press!     

How do you get it off?  Easy.  It just peels right off!  Nothing sticks to the Grip-n-Press.  This makes a great protector for your ironing board cover.  No more sticky residue from fusible web!  

So, here is an older one, some are still being sold, and there is nothing wrong with them, we just switched to a different color.  So either color works.      

Hope you like the Grip-n-Press, I love mine.    

Here is another use for it.  A hat in case it's raining outside.  The rain will roll right off of it!  At least according to Veronica's grandson it will.  

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