Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tip Thursday-The Applique Pressing Sheet

I received this e-mail from a customer today and thought I would share it with you.  she is actually not the only one who has e-mailed or called to tell me this .

I have been researching slider sheets for free motion machine quilting and they are very pricey so I started looking for other ideas, one being a Teflon baking sheet. Then, I happened to look over to my peg board of notions ( enough to start my own store...) and found my Applique sheet which is 18 x 20" . Ta Da !! it is also NON stick and very slick ......if you get my drift. I just unrolled it on my machine and it almost covers the 18 x 24" extension table.  I think this would work but I will use painters tape to keep it down. 
I am so thrilled that I had this!

So there you go, another use for The Applique Pressing Sheet.

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