Tuesday, December 2, 2014

80 weight thread

Wow, I got some of this 80 weight thread from Wonderfil.  This is a soft polyester that is free of any chemical adhesive that ensures unhindered delivery of the thread.  This also avoids the build up of undesired residue, such as dried adhesive in both the bobbin case and machine.   The high tenacity works well even with a heavy top thread.  It has a matte finish so it blends well with your fabric. They have 36 colors.  If you buy the big pack, let's call it a snack pack, you get all 36 colors to try out and extra neutrals for a total of 40 bobbins.  You can also get 12 packs of several neutrals.  The 80 weight thread only comes in bobbins but with Andrew's new invention, you'll be able to use the 80 weight bobbin thread as a top thread.  I don't know if I can show you the invention yet as I have a prototype of it.  I'll show you as soon as he says I can.  Who's Andrew?  He's the owner of the company.      

Just a few pictures to tempt you.

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