Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Investigative Reporter Jaggie on "My Dresden Plate"

Here it is, my Dresden Plate.  My one sad little Dresden Plate.  I took several on the cruise this past week, I thought I'd have it all done, a whole quilt, but sadly no, I barely got one block partially done. Yes, we took both grandchildren, they're 4, we had a great time, we marched in Dr. Seuss's parade, went to the puppet show with all those towel animals that they make and put on your bed.  Santa was on the cruise, we took pictures with him, had a pirate party, went swimming, ate ice cream, hung over the balcony, well, not too far, as I'm pretty short.  More like I looked over the edge.  We had a green eggs and ham breakfast, I ate normal food, like an omelet that was yellow, not green.  But the kids had fun.  Dinner was exciting, those waiters spoiled those kids to no end.  The waiters sang and danced for us every night except the first night.  It was great!

Next cruise is coming up in 3 weeks, and I'm sure I'll get much more quilting done on that one.  It's a quilting cruise and so I'll have a machine in my room and no parades, no green eggs and ham and no pirate parties.  Sounds kinda' dull to grandma after this great family cruise.  Well, the next family cruise leaves Dec. of next year.  I guess I'll leave the quilting home.  

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