Thursday, December 18, 2014

Crazy Veronica

So again, we found these when we were looking for her lost pattern.  She was going to make a flying geese quilt with different blocks that use flying geese units.  She found a book that had flying geese blocks in it and now she has collected more than 150 patterns for different blocks.  She wants to make a quilt, or I guess several with all of her different blocks.  So these are the first ones on her journey.  Is she crazy or what?  Well, if you know her, you know the answer to that question.        

She must have been in a yellow mood.  

These are blue and yellow.  You know she's got to have her blues in there.

More blue and yellow.  I think she's got them pinned together in groups for her quilts.  What a crazy lady she is!

Back to her blue and whites. 

Bags of flying geese units.  At least she's using different colors.  I was afraid they were all going to be the same color.  How boring would that be.


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