Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival

Well, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival is really shaping up.  We've got some great teachers lined up.  So far we've got Pam Clarke.  You can check out her Facebook page, Designs with Lines by Pam Clarke.  This silly old bear just typed in her name on the internet and all kinds of great stuff popped up.  Did you know she has stencils as well as books?    I'm gonna order some.

Here we are at another show.  She's snuggly, I can't wait to see her again!!!  I'm going to take her class, she'll have 3 different ones, on 3 different days.  What fun we'll have!!!  Come and join us and you'll be an expert machine quilter when you're done with her class.  I can't wait to sit at that machine and quilt to my hearts content.

Seriously, she is a great teacher, she's been teaching machine quilting for a long time.  

So put August 13-15, 2015 on your calendar.  We'll see you at the Ranch in Loveland, Colorado.  

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