Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last year's Mystery class with Bonnie Hunter

Last January, Veronica and her two friends Susan and Susan went off to Fabric Fanatics in Plano, Texas.  They were going to take a class with Bonnie Hunter and it was a Mystery!  So they loaded up all three of their machines, tons of fabric strips, because they were all made with 2 1/2" strips, clothes and of course snacks and off they went.  They spent two nights in the hotel and had a blast in the class.  Veronica was sick, so this is all she got done in the class.  One block put together and parts for another one.  She wasn't sure about the orange and she really doesn't like black, so...you guessed it, she never finished.  Well, she says she's going to, so this is going in her "cruise" box for January as well.  We'll see how much she gets done.     

She's not sure about the cheddar, but I kinda' like it. What do you think?  It does use a lot of scraps, so that's good.  Maybe she'll get her pile down.  I'll bet she is going to use some of the strips we saw on yesterday's blog.  What do you bet she will?  A bowl of berries?  I'm in serious need of berries.
She forgets that this bear gets hungry when she gets into her quilting.  

See you soon...

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