Monday, December 22, 2014

We're late, sorry

Yes, we're late, today, but we had a really full weekend.  We had two Christmas days with family. One was at Veronica's house and the other was at her mother-in-laws house.  Wow what a great time. There were lots of kids running around, and this brings me to Sew Fresh and Sew Clean.  There was a baby who wet the bed, and it was not anybody's bed, it was Veronica's bed.  So she stripped the bed, sprayed Sew Fresh, and the odor went away.  However, "the ring" didn't.  You know what I'm talking about, so she took the Sew Clean and sprayed that on the bed and "the ring" was gone.          

Sew Clean, Spot and Stain Remover                              Sew Clean

Here are the bottles Veronica used, just in case you haven't seen them.  They come with sprayer, so you just point and shoot, so too say.  Well, this bear is off to finish shopping for the holidays.


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