Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dresden Plates

Wow, these are some oldies.  As Veronica was cleaning out a box of "stuff" that was under her sewing machine, she found these Dresden plates.  She figures they are about 25 years old.  She found a receipt in the bag of Paper Pieces that she made these Dresden plates with.  She swears she's going to take them on her family cruise later this month and get them done.  There are quite a few fabrics from her daughter's little dresses she used to make, and little shorts and rompers that were made for her children.  This should get the conversation flowing as these fabrics are examined and fondled and all the memories of her kids as babies flow.

What do you have that brings back the memories?  What's really great, is that all of the fabrics she used for her children's clothes were 100% cotton.  So she has plenty of scraps.  

That red with little blue and yellow flowers are from her maternity top.  That's really old fabric!!!

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